Dwell Newstead: Customisable apartments in Newstead

By: Inais Black: September 10, 2018, Updated: February 18, 2019

Dwell is one of the newest offerings in Newstead by Dibcorp. There are 56 off-the-plan apartments for sale over two towers, with construction already having started. The apartments are customisable to a degree, and given that prices start at $900,000, this means that buyers can choose anything that makes the apartment suit their needs, as long as it stays withing the fixed parameters of the apartment architecture.

Dwell Newstead Bedroom
Dwell Newstead 'The Green'
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Residents will also have access to ‘The Green’, a 700 sqm relaxation area which can be used as a yoga retreat, reading nook, or entertainment area — it will include some intimate hideaways, daybeds, timber deck area, water features, Wi-Fi connectivity, lounge chairs and dining amenities.

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