• 27 new apartments in Lutwyche over five levels
  • 1 x one (1) bedroom apartment; 20 x two (2) bedroom apartments; 6 x three (3) bedroom apartments
  • Only two (2) and three (3) bedroom apartments remaining for sale, priced from $465,000
  • Located on High Street in Lutwyche
  • Just 100m from Lutwyche Road, a major arterial for the area
  • 350m away from Lutwyche City shopping centre.
  • Due for completion in February 2017
21 Lutwyche Construction update - exterior
Construction Update 5/12/2016
21 Lutwyche New Apartments
21 Lutwyche Apartments
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - exterior from road
Construction Update 5/12/2016
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - exterior from road
Construction Update 5/12/2016
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - balconies
Construction Update 01/06/2016
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - corner of the apartments
Construction Update 01/06/2016
21 Lutwyche Construction update - exterior
21 Lutwyche New Apartments
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - exterior from road
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - exterior from road
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - balconies
21 Lutwyche Apartments Construction update - corner of the apartments

Twenty One Lutwyche is a new apartment complex of 27 apartments over five levels.  It is located on an elevated site in Lutwyche that will give all apartments from level one and above CBD views.

The apartments in this building are predominantly targeted towards investors, however sales have been reportedly split 50/50 between investors and owner occupiers so far.  This is likely due to the larger size and layout of some of the large two (2) and three (3) bedroom apartments, as well as close proximity to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and the CBD.

Twenty One Lutwyche is located in the Lutwyche development corridor.  The downside of this is that there is a fair bit of construction and development currently underway in the area.  The flip side of this is that it is an area is well suited to this sort of development. There is good local infrastructure in place for residents such as roads and public transport, so there are definitely many positives about the location.

The Project:

Twenty One Lutwyche is a five level apartment complex with 27 apartments.  There are a range of one (1), two (2) and three (3) bedroom apartments in the building, however only two (2) and three (3) bedroom apartments remain for sale.  There are 15 apartments still on the market at the time of writing this article.

The remaining two bedroom apartments are priced between $465,000 and $550,000. The size of these varies from 70m² to 93m² internally and balconies range from 16m² to 20m².  Three of the two bedroom apartments on the ground floor also have private courtyards that are quite large.  The biggest of these is 96m²!  All of the two (2) bedroom apartments have two bathrooms as well as a single car park. Overall we would say that the small two bedders are quite small, but the larger ones (at 93m²) are a very good size. Similarly some of the very large private courtyards offer an almost townhouse style of living in these apartments.

There are only 2 x three  bedroom apartments remaining for sale at Twenty One Lutwyche.  There is one on the ground floor and one on the first floor, which will get city views as it is located on the south side of the building.  These units are 103m² and 106m² internally and both have 20m² balconies.  The ground floor three (3) bedroom unit has a large 33m² courtyard, as well.  All of the remaining three (3) bedroom apartments have a single car space allocated to them.  There is an option to purchase extra car spaces if needed.

The development site is situated on a hill and is quite elevated.  This means that all apartments on the southern side will get views of the city from level 1 and above.

Photo of the view from level 5, 21 Lutwyche Apartments. Supplied by developer.

The view from level 5, 21 Lutwyche Apartments. Supplied by developer.

There are no extra amenities in this building such as a pool or gym.  This will ensure low body corporate fee’s for buyers.

There is a small retail tenancy on the ground floor that could possibly be a coffee shop or a bakery, however the tenant for this has not been finalised yet.

There is a good level of security at this project.  Security features include key-fob entry, CCTV, secure garage and an intercom system.

There are storage units in the basement of Twenty One Lutwyche.  Some apartments have these allocated to them and some do not.  There is also an option to purchase extra storage. Storage is always at a premium in apartments, so we recommend nabbing the storage if you do end up buying in Twenty One Lutwyche.


Twenty One Lutwyche is located at 21 High Street in Lutwyche.  These apartments are 100m away from the Lutwyche Road intersection, which is a major arterial road for the area.

Location map of Lutwyche. Supplied by developer.

Location map. Supplied by developer.

On this intersection is a small cafe, Fitness First Gym and the Crown Hotel pub.  Within 350m of Twenty One Lutwyche is Lutwyche City which is a small shopping centre of around 30 stores.  This complex has a Coles, Aldi, chemist, Australia Post and more. Overall Lutwyche City is a bit tired so it doesn’t feature the tenancy mix of more modern centres. So don’t think restaurants and bars, think convenience shopping. Nevertheless  it is only walking distance away and is a major positive for Twenty One Lutwyche, with many day-to-day shopping tasks easily completed on foot by residents.

High Street is a one-way road that does not have a lot of through traffic, despite being close to a major arterial.  This gives residents the benefit of being close to a major road, without being close to lots of traffic and road noise. Because High Street is a one way road, getting out of Twenty One Lutwyche is easy. Just shoot down to Lutwyche Rd and you will quickly be into town or onto the Inner City bypass. However getting to to Twenty One Lutwyche is a lot more difficult as you will have to wind through a few back streets to get to High Street. Not the end of the world but something you should be aware of.

In terms of public transport, the closest bus stop to this project is located in front of Lutwyche City.  This stop has inbound services running into the CBD every 10-15 minutes.  These buses also run past the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, which is 4km away.  A trip to the RBWH from Twenty One Lutwyche takes just 10 minutes on the bus.  This hospital is a major employer in Brisbane and is also Queensland’s largest teaching hospital.

Albion Train Station is 1km from Twenty One Lutwyche.  Services that run through this station go to the CBD, Airport, Cleveland, Shorncliffe, Ipswich, Roma Street and even Varsity Lakes (Gold Coast).

A plus for young families for this building is its proximity to Holy Cross School. This is a small primary school that is a 7 minute walk from Twenty One Lutwyche.  Young children would easily be able to walk to and from school, because the route does not cross any main roads.  Clayfield College is a large all girls private school that is also just 2.5kms from Twenty One.  Students would also be able to access Queensland University of Technology and University of Queensland easily by bus or train.

Lutwyche is a small suburb in Brisbane’s inner north with a population of 2,798 persons. This figure has increased by 4% over the past five years.  The two most predominant age groups in the area are 25-34 years and 35-44 years.  Couples with children constitute 26% of all households in the area, whilst couples without children account for a further 25% of households.  The median apartment price is $478,000 in Lutwyche and the median weekly rent is $380 per week.

The suburb of Lutwyche is undergoing rapid redevelopment in recent years due to a new neighbourhood development plan.  This plan allows for higher density development around the Lutwyche Shopping Centre area tracing along Lutwyche Rd.  City Council has ear-marked this precinct for larger volumes of infill development due to its proximity to the CBD and the availability of transport to and from the area.

Quality and Finishes:

The quality of finishes at Twenty One Lutwyche is typical of many new apartment projects in Brisbane and this price range.  The apartments have modern appointments that are economical and maximise space.

21 Lutwyche render of a kitchen in one of the apartments

Render of the kitchen showing laminate cupboards and breakfast bar. Supplied by developer.

The kitchen has stone bench tops and the cupboards are laminate.  There is a 1 and 3/4 quarter sink in all kitchens which is much better than just having a single sink. The cook-tops are induction, which is great because induction cook-tops are quickly becoming a favourite for many buyers due to the amount of control over heat that they offer.  There is of course a dishwasher in the kitchen as well.  It isn’t integrated.

The bathrooms have large wall and floor tiles and a semi-frameless glass shower door.  In some apartments, the second bathroom has a shower over bathtub instead of a tiled shower area.

21 Lutwyche render of a bathroom in one of the apartments

Render of the bathroom showing semi-frameless glass door and mirror. Supplied by developer.

The bedrooms are a standard size of approximately 9m².  They are carpeted with built in wardrobes that have internal shelving.

As with most developments in Brisbane today, there is a light and dark colour scheme to choose from at Twenty One Lutwyche.

Other features of these apartments include ducted air conditioning, instant hot water systems and bulk electricity metering, which will all save on residents electricity bills and is a definite plus.

Investment Analysis – Rent / Onsite Managers:

These apartments have predominantly been designed for investors.  As such, the agent has detailed rental and depreciation figures available on request.  In terms of body corporate rates, these range from $2,686 per annum to $4,224 per annum.  This seems quite high for a building with no extra amenities.

Local Competition:

There are two nearby new apartment projects in Lutwyche that are currently on the market.  The first of these is Liberta on Felix Street in Lutwyche which is currently under construction.  These apartments are quite similar to Twenty One Lutwyche in their price, design and target market (investors).  One difference is that they have more resident amenity, with a garden and BBQ area.  Whilst this will appeal to some buyers, other will not want to pay the associated body corporate costs.

Vantage and Velo are another two projects just to the north of Twenty One Lutwyche. Both projects are more affordable, and close to both the school and public transport, but Vantage has noticeably smaller apartments. Velo does have the benefit of being right next to Kedron Brook and Bradshaw Park, which offers outdoor space for more active residents.

Other projects nearby are Crosby Park Apartments and Deco in Albion.  Crosby Park Apartments is a large complex of 102 apartments that is located across from a large parkland.  These apartments are slightly closer to the city and are priced higher than those at Twenty One Lutwyche.  This is likely due to a higher level of finish.

Developer & Builder Overview:

Twenty One Lutwyche is being built and developed by Carbonne Developments.  This is a very well known, family owned Brisbane development company with a long history of building apartments in this city.

Recently, they built apartments at 18 Gallway Street in Windsor which are quite similar to Twenty One Lutwyche.  There is also a display unit at their recently completed Florrie Street development that buyers can look through.  This unit has a similar level of fixtures and fittings to what will be seen at Twenty One Lutwyche.

Sales Display & Contacts:

There is currently no sales display for this project.  Daniel McHahan from Belle Property Windsor is the sales agent for this project.  He is more than happy to meet with buyers and talk to them about the project.  There is also an option to see a recently completed unit at the developers project on Florrie Street in Lutwyche, which has a very similar design and level of finishes to Twenty One Lutwyche.

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Written: 14 December 2016, Updated: 6 April 2020

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