Camp Hill Zone Survey Special Information

The Brisbane City Council is hosting an event so that property owners in Camp Hill can find out about the new proposed changes to zoning. The area, bound by Old Cleaveland Road, Wiles Street, Halland Terrace, Watson Street and Dorothy Lane, may have its zoning laws changed over the coming years. With this in mind, the BCC is seeking feedback from property owners.

The information sessions involve a 10-15 minute appointment where a planning specialist will speak to you about the zone survey, and how it may impact you as a resident and/or property owner if you live in, or around, the survey area. Support for, or opposition against, the project can be expressed in these short meetings. The information sessions are general information only, however, meaning no presentations will be given during the sessions. If you need advice about a potential development application, the BCC advice that you should arrange a pre-lodgement meeting (you will be charged for this meeting) or contact them after submitting a development application