By: Inais Black: July 9, 2018, Updated: January 21, 2019

Property2020 is an event in which four self-made Real Estate multi-millionaires share their responses to the question “How would you set yourself up with a healthy passive income if you had to start again with virtually zero today?”.

The event, which is being held in Pullman King George Square, will get the guru’s to then answer:

  • Where would you invest for capital growth windfalls, and massive passive cash flow?
  • What strategies would you use to secure real estate without using your own money?
  • How would you minimise the risks involved – so you could invest with maximum safety and confidence?

And they’ve all agreed to share their uncensored, candid answers with you at this exciting new Property 2020 Summit.

This means, in just one day, you’ll get four unique ‘game plans’ to help you achieve your own richer financial future. Then you can choose your way to financial freedom that suits you best.

This has never been done before and will likely never be repeated again.

So go ahead and claim your free ticket now to this exclusive ‘4-in-1’ mega-masterclass by following the link here to reserve your place. Tea, coffee and juice will be available on arrival.

At the jam-packed Property 2020 Summit, you’ll also discover:

  • The 60 Second ‘Boom Suburb Spotter’: How to look at any capital city map and in just one minute know which suburb will likely soar in price next. It’s easy with this property ‘heat-seeking’ secret.
  • How to get 5 Incomes from the 1 Property: This simple ‘rent-by-the-room’ strategy can potentially increase your cash flow 3x. Better still, you can use it on properties you don’t even own. This means no deposit or bank loan needed.
  • Real Estate Exodus! Floods of people are moving across Australia to greener pastures right now. And, the postcodes they are moving to are destined to boom in price. Here’s how to use this mega-trend to potentially double your money fast.
  • How to Follow the “Smart Money” in Real Estate. We’ll show you how to ‘mirror’ the secret investing moves of the super-rich.
  • Discover ‘The Ultimate Real Estate Tax Shelter’. This simple secret allows you to potentially slash thousands of dollars off your tax bill while still growing your asset base. This is a completely legal and ethical ‘ATO Approved’ strategy.
  • How to Finance up to 6 Property Deals Per Year by Tapping into ‘Private Money’. Forget the banks. There are floods of money out there for the taking – when you know how to find it.
  • How to boost your property’s value by up to 22% in a single year – even if the market stays flat”. One student used this ‘Value Flipping’ secret to skyrocket a property’s value by $165,000 in just 12 months. Without building or renovating a thing!
  • Not only that, at this event, you’ll also discover ‘Low and No Money Down Investing Secrets’ from experts who have done it!
  • And much more…

To sign up for this event, use this link here.