Second Matusik Masterclass for 2019

This is the second of only six masterclasses planned by Michael Matusik for 2019. A foremost analyst on Australia’s property market, Michael holds these events to help the average person understand what the market will be doing over the next 12 months and beyond.

The small master class will cover a broad range of topics so that attendees can feel comfortable making decisions in property over the coming years. The 20 attendees will get to hear about topics such as:

  • Understanding the housing market
  • Where the housing market is heading
  • What the market wants
  • How to best measure the property market and achieve a ‘better market match’

Tickets are $330 + GST, unless you’re booking for two or more people, which lowers the cost of $275 + GST (although contact [email protected] to discuss this). The whole day event will run from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, with morning tea and lunch provided, along with a few drinks after the master class has concluded. To RSVP and buy your tickets, please use the link here.

Synopsis from the Matusik Events Page:

We live in a disinflationary world and the main worry is that this could extend to deflation – which, of course, means falling prices and much more.

There is monetary policy; but there isn’t much money in the bank anymore to pump prime our way out of the coming funk – and monetary policy is really a tool for an inflationary world.

Ignore the ‘official’ economic growth figures – they are all smoke and mirrors.

Unemployment – and especially underemployment – is rising, and as result, wage growth is stuffed. Less take home pay in the future, not more.

And sooner rather than later, we will be facing a property snake.

And just like in the board game – which is really based on luck – some might be able to fluke their way out of hitting a snake on the way up to the top square, but most won’t.

The game just doesn’t work that way.

Exactly when we hit the snake is very hard to tell. But with each roll of the dice, the chances increase. We have very little wriggle room left on the board.

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