Buyer Insights: Brisbane Skytower

PropertyMash is excited to launch a new feature series looking into the ‘why’ of buying. Buyer Insights is designed to help buyers get better insights into the projects they are considering purchasing into. We talk to buyers to understand exactly what their experience was like. Did the developer do as they promised? Was the quality of the project acceptable? Did they address issues as they arose?

For our first Buyer Insight, we look at one of Brisbane’s largest and certainly most prominent developments, Brisbane Skytower. At almost 300 metres tall, Brisbane Skytower is the tallest residential building in Brisbane. It has an imposing presence across the Brisbane skyline and for that reason has no doubt polarised many buyers. Large and city defining buildings such as Brisbane Skytower tend to polarise people around the world, much as the original World Trade Towers did in New York and as has The Shard in London in more recent times.

Brisbane Skytower consists of one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments, with different floor plan configurations and price ranges throughout the building. Residents have access to some incredible amenities, including three pools (one of which is the highest infinity pool in Australia, sitting on level 90), along with gyms, outdoor seating areas, a luxury health club and spa, and a private dining room. Oh, and don’t forget the 24-hour five-star concierge. The building consisting of a whoping 1,141 new apartments, spread across all 89 floors of the building. It is now complete with residents moved in.

Brisbane Skytower was built by Billbergia, an Australian developer with over 30 years of experience, who have successfully completed over 5,000 new properties. An impressive number without doubt.

So how did Billbergia go? Did the delivery of Brisbane Skytower live up to buyer expectations? We interviewed 3 purchasers for their feedback and insights.

The Family

Lucy and her husband, along with their two children, made the big move from the country to the city. Despite looking originally at heritage-listed buildings, they bought into Brisbane Skytower due to the low cost of maintenance and the sense of community in the building. They “live their life as [they] did in the country”, because due to the low maintenance apartments and great location, they can go picnicking in the park, go for walks and enjoy the city in a care-free way.

The family also enjoy Brisbane Skytower due to the sense of community that has been fostered throughout the building. A number of families that have school-age children attend the same local-zoned schools, which means the kids get to catch up at the park, or can easily access a friend for help with schoolwork they don’t understand. Lucy also points out that most of the adults work in similar circles.

The Young Professionals

Young professionals Andrew and Mikki bought an apartment at Brisbane Skytower because it is one of the best-located apartment projects in the Brisbane CBD. It puts them close to both of their jobs, and it’s also within the catchment areas of some of the best schools in Brisbane for when they start a family. It’s within easy access from anywhere they need to go, from work to dinner with friends and family, which works well with the couple’s lifestyle. The City Botanic Gardens are also only a few hundred metres away which is a particular area they love.

They also liked the scale of the development — it’s the tallest residential tower in Brisbane. As Andrew says, they enjoy their “million dollar views”. The number of amenities available to them are something they enjoy making use of. The infinity pool on the roof plus the two other indoor pools on level 40 and 66 give them places to relax and workout, while the attached BBQ areas and sauna are great for this.

The Downsizer

A recent downsizer, Tod bought into Brisbane Skytower off-the-plan when the project was first launching. He said that now that the building is complete, “it’s everything we were promised”. The apartments match the plans and artists impressions, which he found very impressive and well-worth the wait.

Tod bought into Skytower for a number of reasons. First and foremost for him was the location of the development: “It’s in a brilliant part of the city”, Tod explains. The City Botanic Gardens are down the road, and there are a number of great restaurants and cafes close by. He also liked the fact that it was on a one-way street, because it made getting into and out of the apartments easier to navigate. Another major draw was the amenities, which Tod calls “world-class”.

Written: 13 September 2019, Updated: 22 January 2020

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