First Home Buyers – Pros and Cons of Buying and Renting


Can’t decide whether you want to own or rent? gives you the low down on the plus and minus of each.


It’s yours – you can do whatever you want to it!

If you buy a property, then within reason you can do what you want to it. Want to knock down that wall? Change the paint colour? Rip up the carpet? If you own the property you can truly make it your own. There comes a time in all our lives when this becomes important to us.


Owning Property is a great way to make money

When you buy a home, you are purchasing an asset, an asset that may increase over time. Who doesn’t want that? The current market trends have shown home prices consistently rising over the long term. The other big benefit (but also a con) is that almost certainly need a mortgage to buy your home. Their is no better incentive to save them a mortgage to a big, bad bank. Providing you don’t pay too much when you buy, owning your own home has proven year after year to be the best way to invest and save.

The Ability to use the equity in your home

In laymen’s terms your home equity is the amount of your home you own. If the value of your home is increasing as you make repayments, your equity will continue to rise. You can then, possibly use the equity to fund other investments such as shares, or an investment property.


The Bank wants your money

You will almost certainly have a mortgage, so you will have repayments to make. This is a big financial burden and the stress and worry that brings to many should not be underestimated. As we pointed out above, being forced to make repayments is often a good thing for many as it forces you to implement a saving regime, but for some the stress and burden out ways the benefits.

There are opportunity costs – what do you give up to own a home

This is the issue of having your money tied up in property. If you were renting, the money you would have had for purchasing your property could be used for other things such as travel, study or other investments the quite possibly yield higher and quicker returns than real estate.

You are locked in to one location

The transaction costs to buy and sell property are high, so when you buy a new home you are committing yourself to the location for quite a significant amount of time unless you want to risk loosing money. As a renter of course you may only be locked in for 6 months. we always say property should be a minimum 5 – 7 year investment by comparison.

Rent never stops

Rent will steadily rise over time if the past is anything to go on, mostly due to inflation and increasing property prices. Initially, in the majority of situations, having a mortgage repayment will be higher than rent in the short term, but as you pay off more and more of your loan the interest price subsides. The typical mortgage is paid off in 30 years or less. Once you hit retirement and your income is reduced, it may be difficult to find a large sum of money each month for rent.

Written: 23 May 2017

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