Queensland’s Foreign Buyer Tax increases from 3% to 7%

In today’s Queensland State Budget it was announced that the Additional Foreign Buyers Duty (AFBD) – or the foreign buyer tax – will be increasing on July 1, 2018, from 3% to 7%.

Below we provide an example of the implications, using the existing example supplied by the Qld Office of State Revenue.

A foreign individual signs a contract to buy a house with a dutiable value of $365,400. The house will be an investment property, so they don’t qualify for a home concession.

Using the transfer duty rates, the duty is calculated as:

$1,050 (for the first $75,000)

+ $10,164 ($3.50 for every $100 in $290,400, the balance above $75,000)

= $11,214 (the transfer duty payable).

An individual is a foreign person and liable for additional foreign acquirer duty. AFAD is calculated as:

$365,400 × 7% = $25,550.

The total amount of duty payable is now $36,765 ($11,214 + $25,550).

This now brings Qld’s foreign buyer tax in line with Victoria’s which is also 7% but remains lower than NSW’s which is 8%.

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Written: 12 June 2018, Updated: 15 January 2020

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