How to ensure the Mascot Towers ‘cracks’ don’t appear in your new apartment buy

There is more news out today that the cracks in Sydney’s now infamous Mascot Towers are getting larger. If they keep growing the building with become uninhabitable. This is a complete disaster for owners in the building.

There are many people with vested interests in the news at the moment saying that is is why you should never buy a new apartment. Almost always you will find that these people have a vested interest in inducing you (the buyer) to purchase an existing property via them rather than purchase a new property. The suggestion that new is always ‘bad’ or ‘flawed’ is rubbish of course. It is akin to saying “don’t but a new car because sometimes parts of a specific make or model malfunction” or “don’t build a new home as you will have issues”.

Yes, you can reasonably expect to have some issues when you buy a new car, build a new home, or buy a new apartment. I think we would all expect small teething issues just to be a part of the process. Perhaps there was a small rattle in the dashboard, or the door wasn’t closing properly in a cupboard in your new home. As long as these issues are fixed promptly, no problems, we all move on and best of all we get to enjoy everything that is wonderful about being the first person to own a new car, or even better, own and live in a new home.

Let’s not forget just how good that is! Living in a new home is pretty special in so many ways. It’s just perfect! No stains on the carpet, scratches on the kitchen benchtop, loose electrical fittings, flickering lights, poorly closing doors, leaking faucets…… do I need to go on? It is special. That is why we (the PropertyMash journalists) and so many people just love buying new property.

But getting back to the point of the article, how do you protect yourself from the bad stuff? The Mascot Towers build failures or the Ruby deposit scandal?

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix. You simply need to do your due diligence. This is a property term for doing your homework and background checks on the project, the developer, the agent, and the builder.

Getting this information has been horrendously difficult traditionally in the property industry. The dodgy operators in the property industry unfortunately just muddy the waters and make it hard for buyers to find this information. 

But not anymore. You can now find this information and more on the website, so you can do your due diligence with confidence. This was one of the main reasons I  started I wanted a single website that featured every project in the market and which then delved deeper and gave purchasers what they really want; namely, real information provided by real people without the marketing spin, so they can find a property and buy with confidence.

PropertyMash really is now the most trusted resource for new property in Australia with reviews on over 500 projects. So if you are searching for a new home, I suggest you start your search on our site. And then once you have settled upon the one or two projects that you are most interested in, and you are considering moving to contract, come back to again and do your due diligence. If we don’t have the project you are interested in on the site, simply let us know and we will do a review for you – 100% free of charge.

Of course if you don’t know where to even start in finding your new property, that is ok too. Just register with our Suburb Experts and they will do the hard work for you and find a selection of projects that meet your needs, all at no cost. 

Buying property doesn’t have to be as scary as the headlines make it. It’s an exciting time in life, and you should enjoy every step with confidence (well, almost every step. We can’t promise reading and rereading the contract will be all that fun).

Cameron Black - PropertyMash

Cameron Black is the founder of Cameron has been a leading pioneer in using technology to assist in property marketing and search around the world for over 25 years. He is a qualified solicitor and has a deep love of all things property related. Cameron also founded Brightfox a leading property CRM, App and Touchscreen solution provider.

Written: 17 October 2019, Updated: 6 April 2020

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