ING limits LVRs for apartment-owners

ING Direct is minimising what it perceives is risky lending by putting limits on the Loan to Value Ratios (LVRs) on loans for smaller apartments and units.

A Loan to Value ratio is a term used by mortgage-brokers when calculating your eligibility for a mortgage. It is often a percentage, comparing the mortgage amount to the valuation of the property.

The growing minor bank have introduced reduced lending limits on properties with internal space smaller than 60m².

Apartments and units under 50m² now have a LVR limit of 70 per cent, while those between 50-60m² are limited to 80 per cent.

The internal space does not include balconies or car parking.

The average size of one-bedroom apartments in Brisbane average is approximately 52m², so it is expected that this restrictions will have some impact on lending for purchasers, although it will be limited as a number of large lenders will still happily lend up to and exceeding 80% LVR.

Written: 26 August 2016

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