7 easy ways to give your bedroom a spring makeover

The change of season is here — it’s time to ditch the winter bedding!

Make your bedroom feel fresh and ready for the warmer months by adding some light, bright linen and a touch of new decor.

1. Go for lighter linen

Spring and summer is a time to transition away from winter colours and winter-quality products, like dense, heavy quilts and higher thread count sheets.

Use linen sheets to survive those hot summer nights!

However, there are some fabrics that transition well between seasons. Natural fibres like cotton and linen are excellent trans-seasonal fabrics, so you may just need to strip back some of the bulk you added during winter and perhaps rethink your colour choice.

2. Create a spring colour palette

The cooler months allow for darker, moodier colours to help transform your bedroom into hibernation station. But when the warmer months arrive, you’ll want to throw open the windows and invite the light indoors. People associate spring with colours that remind them of nature that’s come back to life – think yellows, pinks, pale blues and greens.

Pick a spring photo you love and use that colour scheme to direct what you choose to decorate your space with.

You can still use some of those darker, earthy tones too, just pare them back with spring and summer colours or prints. For instance, you might use a darker terracotta but pair it with a pastel, blush or mustard to lighten up the space.

3. Simplify things

When giving your home a spring clean, don’t forget to tackle the bedroom as well.

Take away the abundance of cushions you may have added for luxury and comfort over winter. You may only have a cluster of cushions on your bed over summer, or you may find you only use a top quilt that acts more as a ‘dresser’ for your bed and you sleep simply with a top sheet.

Also, consider swapping out thicker rugs and curtains for something lighter, like a jute rug or flowy linen curtain. Pare back and remove some of the layers — go a little more simple.

4. Add some florals

Nothing says spring like new blooms. Celebrate the new season by popping out and grabbing some flowers. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a garden to rummage through. Otherwise, local florists and farmer’s markets will no doubt be hungry for your support.

Get some fresh flowers into your bedroom and watch how it transforms the space instantly.

It’s also a great opportunity to bust out a cute vase or jar to display your pretty florals.

You might also decide to go for a longer-lasting option by bringing in some houseplants. This is a really easy way to keep the flowers around for months, without having to throw anything out every week!

5. Clean out your closet

Cleaning out your closet helps reduce clutter and will generally make your life easier — we promise. Give your wardrobe a spring clean. Put away your winter clothes and donate anything you no longer need.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to throw away all your winter wear. Simply pop it into storage chests or boxes, or get some vacuum bags to help reduce the bulk (and the chance of anything getting eaten by moths!).

6. Find a spring scent

If you’re a candle lover, it’s time to swap those heavy vanilla and sandalwood scents of winter with the fresh aromas of spring. It always pays to smell a candle in-person, but if trying to discern spring flavours, think floral, fruity or fresh.

It has to be something you enjoy going to sleep with because you are in that room for an extended period of time – it needs to be of a calming nature. Go for scents that are more dulled down. For instance, lavender plays a really big part in calming — it can help with sleep and relaxation. You could also go with simple scents like cotton or sea salt. Look for candles that are designed to complement the space and energy of a room, rather than ones that are overbearing or overpowering.

Many brands bring out spring-specific scent combinations, so be on the lookout for these.

7. Explore new decor

To complement the spring vibe, give your bedroom a makeover with some new decor. You can’t go wrong with ceramics or timber for spring materials.

You may also want to switch out your artwork for something lighter and brighter. When it comes to artwork, look for pieces that are floral, with beautiful summer colours,or images of wide, open spaces such as the beach or parklands.

If you incorporate your spring and summer colours, like pastels, blushes or even brighter colours like yellow and orange, into your artwork, it can lift the space.

Written: 30 October 2021

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