10 apartment-friendly dog breeds

There’s no denying having a pet can make our lives better. Having a furry friend to cuddle at the end of the day and take out for puppychinos on Saturday morning has been proven to reduce depression, stress and anxiety and help keep you fit and active.

With an increased number of Australian’s living in apartments and only 10% of apartments in Australia being pet-friendly, it’s important to do your homework before buying or renting an apartment and carefully consider the breed traits before selecting your new best buddy. We’ve rounded up the top 10 apartment-friendly dog breeds —known to be very well adapted to apartment living.


Cocker spaniels are a very affectionate breed which are typically gentle and love a good cuddle. Their soft, wavy coat doesn’t shed which is great news for your furniture and flooring, although this means they do need regular haircuts. Cocker spaniels can also be prone to separation anxiety, so this breed is best suited to families on alternating shifts or people who work from home often.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds Cocker spaniel
Cocker spaniel


With small stature and adorable bat ears, Frenchies, as they’re commonly called, are great apartment-friendly dogs as they don’t require much exercise. They make great companions but are very popular and expensive. Prepare to wait a while before you can bring home your new French bulldog puppy.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds French bulldog
French bulldog


With the playfulness of a pug and the loyal tenancies of beagles, puggles make fantastic apartment dogs. Without the squished faces of pugs, puggles have significantly less breathing problems. They’re slightly more “yappy” than pure-bred pugs, although respond very well to training.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds puggle


While traditionally known for their speedy legs and high-energy, greyhounds cope very well with a confined living space and are one of the best apartment-friendly dog breeds. After a brisk morning walk, Italian greyhounds will be perfectly content to nap on the couch all day long.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds Italian greyhound
Italian greyhound


The smallest of the hound dogs, the short legs of the dachshund make them easy to exercise indoors. Because of this, they have long been considered among the best apartment-friendly dog breeds. They do enjoy chewing on things, so make sure to take your time training them as puppies if you’re fond of your shoes. Their weight range doesn’t exceed 15kg, so they’re a great option if your body corporate has restrictions on larger pets.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds dachshund


With the strongest sense of smell of all dog breeds, beagles require quite a bit of time outside to run around and give their noses a workout too. They’re sweet natured, patient, and will fall in love with any guests you have over. Puppies need much more exercise than older beagles, so adopting an adult dog may be a better idea if you don’t have ample time or a highly-active lifestyle.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds beagle


Bulldogs are incredibly gentle and excellent with children, especially if given plenty of affection and training when young. They require very little exercise and are very content to sleep in a sunny spot next to a window from the time you leave for work in the morning until you get home in the afternoon.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds bulldog


Cavapoos have become increasingly popular apartment dogs over the last few years. They’re adorable faces and agreeable temperament make them excellent inside dogs. This cross-breed dog (between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel) is hypoallergenic and is a great dog for families with young children.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds cavapoo


Maltese have been bred as companion dogs for over 2,000 years and have personalities which are very well suited to apartment living. They don’t shed any hair and will love spending all evening cuddled up by your side. Maltese form close bonds with their owners and are known to bark when their owner leaves the house, so a good puppy school might be in order as to not annoy the neighbours.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds maltese


Boston terriers are highly intelligent and can be trained to do pretty much anything. Their intelligence and high-energy personalities do mean they are prone to destroying things if left home alone for too long, but investing in some puzzle toys will help keep them occupied. They also make great guard dogs and will be a comforting companion if you live alone.

Apartment-friendly dog breeds Boston terrier
Boston terrier

Don’t fret if you’ve got your heart set on a breed that doesn’t appear in this apartment-friendly dog breeds list. What’s most important is that your dog is getting enough exercise and socialisation (and of course, love and attention from you). Even very active and energetic dogs like Labradors or German shepherds can adjust to apartment living providing they get their daily dose of park time and are well-occupied during the day.

A lack of backyard doesn’t mean you have to give up the dream of owning a pet. With a bit of careful planning and commitment, you, your pup can both live happily ever after in even the smallest of apartments.

Written: 26 September 2018

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