How to create a zen home

Christmas time is busy enough, and having a home which compounds your stress isn’t going to help you sail through giving season with grace. Therefore feeling good in your home is more important than ever. So how do you create a zen home, a pleasant and comfortable haven in which you will be able to both work well and relax?

To help you transform your interior into a peaceful cocoon, we share a few tips and some inspiration. From the best uses of materials and colours to the power of aromatherapy, creating a zen home will be a breeze.

Tidy now, relax later

There are many ways to create a zen home, but it always starts with keeping it in order. Make sure that your space always stays tidy, as it is key for a clear mind. Use all the available storage so you can keep the mess out of sight. If necessary, invest in nice boxes or baskets for extra storage. You can also make the most of your walls to maximise space.

If there is too much to hide and not enough room to manage a well-organised, airy home, then maybe it is time to declutter. This task can often feel overwhelming, so for some inspiration on how to do that, don’t hesitate to watch Marie Kondo’s series “Tidying Up” on Netflix. You will get invaluable tips and learn how to transform your chaotic home into a peaceful haven.

Natural materials over chrome

Raw materials give interiors a minimalist feel, perfect to create a zen atmosphere. So use as much wood, leather, iron or rattan as you can. Light woods like beech, pine or ash, very often used in Scandinavian homes, are ideal for an interior imbued with softness and tranquillity.

Relying on the right textures and fabrics can really help bring a zen touch to an interior. To create a cocoon and warm the atmosphere, pay special attention to your accessories and decoration. Remember that zen decor also means pure, minimalist decor.

Maybe try a cotton or wool throw for your couch, a rattan armchair, linen curtains or even a jute hand-woven rug. Just always make sure to favour natural materials and keep things simple.

Neutral colours keep a space light and airy – and zen

When it comes to colours, white is the colour of purity, making it a great choice for a zen interior. But beige, creme, ocher or any light tone are also great options that might bring more character to your interior. These natural colours will infuse a very zen touch. However, avoid the total look, or you might end up with a cold, impersonal space.

Following the Feng Shui principles can be helpful. It is all about playing with the balance of yin and yang colours to create harmony. You can use touches of bright colours (yang colours) for small decorative objects, like cushions. Not only this is a great way to add more of your personality to your zen home, but it will also give it a soul.

Add some greenery

Indoor plants are known for their mental and physical benefits, so don’t hesitate to bring them in. Adding a few of them in different rooms will not only make your home zen, but it will also help reduce stress and enhance your general well-being.

If you are not particularly known for your green thumb, focus on plants that don’t need much maintenance. The ZZ plant, the Devil’s Ivy or a Delicious Monster can be great options.

Natural light is the best way to brighten your home

Knowing how to make the most of natural light is critical when it comes to creating a zen home. First, make sure to keep light sources unobstructed. As much as possible, prefer blinds or curtains that can let little or all light in. Hanging a mirror opposite a window will further contribute to bringing more natural light into your home.

You can also paint a room white, as it captures natural light and gives the impression that the room is very bright. Favour a glossy paint to a matte one, as its highly reflective sheen will allow more light to bounce off the surface.

The smell of a room can change how you feel about it

Have you ever tried aromatherapy? Essential oils can have magical effects when it comes to creating a zen space, so make sure to invest in a few diffusers to use in different rooms of your home. Place them on a coffee table, console, nightstand to make sure to enjoy all the benefits.

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oil when it comes to managing and reducing feelings of stress or anxiety. Black spruce is also a great option to lift your mood, and so is wild orange, which has the extra benefit of cleansing the air. All these essential oils will promote a relaxing, zen atmosphere in your home.

Written: 1 December 2020, Updated: 24 November 2020

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