The interior paint colours everyone will be using in 2022

A fresh lick of paint can make the world of a difference to the overall look and feel of a room. It’s also one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways to update your home without committing to a permanent change. 

After spending so much of the last two years within the same walls, changing things up and refreshing our homes certainly can’t hurt. This chaotic time has resulted in an increased appreciation for good design and functionality. More than ever, we have a stronger desire to surround ourselves with things that are not only beautiful but also enhance our wellbeing and improve our quality of life. 

But pinpointing the perfect paint colour for your space can be difficult and leave you standing at Bunnings for a solid hour flicking through countless colour charts. Enter the colour experts at Dulux, Wattyl, and Haymes Paint who have made things a little bit easier by releasing their trend forecasts for 2022, which we’ve collated here for you.

Across the board there is a distinct focus on a range of neutrals that provide a comforting aesthetic, nature-inspired shades that are calming and help to keep us grounded, and bold hues that express a desire to seek out new experiences. This is a wide range of colours, we know, but there’s a common thread behind them: trying new things. Given how crazy the last few years have been, it’s no surprise that everyone is looking to express themselves in different ways through their home decor.

From warm neutrals to vibrant shades, be inspired to swathe your home’s interior with 2022’s most trendy shades. 

Warm Neutrals

It’s hard to go wrong with sticking to neutral shades in the home. They are timeless, calming, and will work with all interior design styles. In 2022 there will be a shift to favouring more warm-toned neutrals which help foster a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

Photo: Haymes - Sand Haze
Photo: Haymes – Sand Haze

Incorporating neutral tones into your space allows a room to appear larger, more clean, and welcoming. They are the perfect tones to use in a bedroom to promote peaceful sleeping. If you have plans to sell your home in the near future, neutral tones are appealing as they are calming and let a buyer see the potential of a room. Warm neutrals in ivory, greiges, and browns also create the perfect cocooning colour palette.

The warm neutral shades you should look out for:

  • Hog Bristle Half – Dulux
  • Stowe White – Dulux
  • New Penny – Dulux
  • Clay pipe Half – Dulux
  • Vitesse – Wattyl
  • Dhimba – Wattyl
  • Lavish Tan – Wattyl
  • Beach Life – Wattyl
  • Artisan – Haymes Paint
  • Cockatoo – Haymes Paint
  • Fuzzy – Haymes Paint
  • Sand Haze – Haymes Paint

Nature Inspired

There is an understandably strong desire for us to get out and about after having been cooped up in our homes for so long. The trend toward nature-inspired hues is here to help us embrace the outside world.

Photo: Wattyl - Dewkist
Photo: Wattyl – Dewkist

Many interior designers are a fan of the colour, as shared recently by the Dulux paint team: “Nature grounds us as we take those first tentative steps into a new future,” shares the Dulux team. “This is a new celebration and acknowledgement of what joy and inspiration we can discover.” 

Soothing greens and earthy tones help embrace our innate need to connect with the natural environment and have appeared across all three brands forecasts.

The nature-inspired shades you should look out for:

  • Natural Flora – Dulux
  • Edvard – Dulux
  • Natural Flora – Dulux
  • Harmonious – Dulux
  • Aboretum – Haymes Paint
  • Intermittent – Haymes Paint
  • Gumleaf Green – Haymes Paint
  • Tranquil Vibe – Haymes Paint
  • Colorbond Mangrove – Wattyl
  • Shelter Cove – Wattyl
  • Billy The Kid – Wattyl

Bold and energising 

Bright and uplifting colours will be trending in a big way next year as we look to add more joy and positivity to our lives. Incorporating more lively hues into your home will inject it with a playful vibrancy. This trending palette of bold and energising hues is said to encapsulate a newfound freedom to be yourself and challenge everything with a playful vibrancy and fresh optimism.

Photo: Dulux - Pink Papaya
Photo: Dulux – Pink Papaya

These carefree shades that range from bright blues to lively pinks are all about expressing yourself and embracing a sense of fun. For those who would like to incorporate colour into the home but are tentative to do so will be pleased to know that many of the trending shades are pastels and therefore not as daring. 

The bold and energising shades you should look out for:

  • Ice Lemon – Dulux
  • Plunder – Dulux
  • Pink Papaya – Dulux
  • Pax – Dulux
  • Red Energy – Haymes Paint
  • In Bloom – Haymes Paint
  • Awe Inspired – Haymes Paint
  • Vitality – Haymes Paint
  • Silver Tongue – Wattyl
  • Invisibility Cloak – Wattyl 

What colours will you be painting you home? Let us know below.

Written: 12 November 2021

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