The latest styling trends you need to know for your new home

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for home decor. Just past the halfway mark through the year, we’re starting to see some key trends break away from the pack and make their way prominently into our homes. For those furnishing their new property for the first time, deciphering the trends and deciding on how to use them in a way that’s both of-the-moment, but won’t date fast can be difficult and overwhelming (as everyone who’s spent several hours on Pinterest to attest to). From splashes of Pantone’s Colour of the Year to textured tapestries and metallic moments, we’ve rounded up the key trends for 2019 and easy ways you can incorporate them into your new home.


As the world as a whole looks towards sustainability, natural fabrics and textures are a key trend that’s already solidified in 2019. Leather couches will make a reemergence, and the woven rattan chair trend will also continue. Pairing these with wooden or concrete tables, soft fur throws and even animal print rugs draw the focus towards the individuality of the piece and the broader spaces they’re in. This trend can almost be seen as a revolt against mass production and over-commercialisation, so take that a step further and look further abroad than just IKEA or Adairs for your perfect pieces — maybe even invest in some custom-made furniture crafted by local artisans.

Wild Textures


While gold furniture used to be a marker of ancient royalty and obnoxiously rich oligarchs, the 2019 trend is far more focused subtlety. There are certainly ways to incorporate this trend without your lounge room looking like Donald Trump’s trust fund threw up on it. The industrial metal trend is still very much in vogue, and this year’s version is more elevated with exposed metals hued in metallic gold. Be careful of the contrasting colours in the room and keep gold accents to centrepieces, lights and tables as so not to overdo it. In the kitchen though, you can go a little crazier. If you’re bold enough, metallic gold tapware and splashbacks will certainly make your kitchen feel just that little bit fancier.

Go for Gold


Black has always been a go-to for creating dramatic spaces indoors. In 2019, it’s matte black that’s on our minds. While black tiling or benches can really make a statement, you can also incorporate this trend into your accents like chairs, tables, photo frames and decorative elements. Pair this with some matte black throw pillows to tie the whole space together and cultivate the same dramatic matte black look, without bending the budget. Matte black doesn’t show fingerprints or dust quite as prominently as a traditional shiny black either, so even in years to come you’ll look back favourably on your decision to incorporate this trend.

Matte Black Is The New Black


Living Coral has been named Pantone’s Colour of the Year and is set to completely re-energise interior spaces. While the last few years, home decor has been primarily colour shy, 2019 is the year to make a statement. There are plenty of ways to incorporate this warm peach tone into your home, and none of them involves painting an entire feature wall (although, we definitely won’t hold you back if you want to pick up a roller and go for it). Living coral carries with it a certain optimistic vibe and is perfect for living spaces and bedrooms. Transform minimalist spaces with sharp pops of coral and terracotta in artwork and accents, or take the leap and purchase a new couch or armchair. No matter which way you do it, incorporating this peachy pigment is sure to garner compliments from guests.

Pantone Prominence


Make your space a sanctuary. There’s a reason rainforest retreats are considered one of the most relaxing getaways (and it’s not JUST because of the giant bubble baths and free champagne). Bringing the outdoors in and filling your space with indoor plants is proven to create calmness, improve the air quality in your home and generally improve your mood. There’s an array of species to suit any conditions, regardless of the amount of natural light in your home, and even plants that thrive on neglect and minimal watering. Make sure to check with your local nursery what will suit your home and lifestyle. While plants are a welcome addition to every room, we’re particularly seeing the emergence of dense “jungle” type planting in bathrooms and sitting rooms to evoke feelings of tranquillity.

Indoor Jungle

Written: 30 July 2019

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