Top interior design trends for 2019

Keeping abreast of the latest trends in interior design can be overwhelming. From the Pantone colour of the year to minimalism or art deco inspiration, the world of interior styling is full of endless choices and influences. Understanding how to make the most of the trends while maintaining a timeless-looking abode is all about picking the options that work for your lifestyle. With a focus on functionality as well as design, we predict these three trends will explode in 2019.

Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane

Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane. Image provided by Banyan Tree.

Retractable Glass

While floor-to-ceiling windows made a big impression in 2018, it’s retractable glass doors that we can expect to see integrated into the design of new homes and apartments looking forward. Not only does this make a visual statement, but actively assimilates the outdoor and indoor spaces. As well as allowing generous amounts of light and breeze to flow through, having fully retractable glass can double the size of your living space in some cases. If your apartment is privy to an excellent view, such as the Banyan Tree Residences apartments above, then this outlook becomes truly integrated with your apartment. With balmy nights and breezy afternoons, this trend is tailor-made for the Queensland climate.

Interior design trends Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane. Image provided by Banyan Tree.

Curved & Textured Walls

One stand-out way to differentiate your brand-new home from the pack lies within the walls themselves. While the curved building and curved balcony trends have been slowly permeating new apartment developments over the last few years, we expect curved walls will be the next big thing. Curved walls add a luxury-hotel vibe and make the space feel open and inviting. Curved walls work best in larger spaces like living rooms, however, with the right shaped area, they can also add a luxurious touch to bathrooms. Textured wallpaper will completely change the look and feel of the space, and combining textures is a statement all its own.

Banyan Tree Residences bathroom

Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane. Image provided by Banyan Tree.

Feature Baths

Unlike the bathrooms of yesteryear, modern bathrooms are made to be seen. Marbled flooring and oversized vanities add a luxurious touch, but can you really claim to live like royalty without a statement bath? The two and three-bedroom apartments at Banyan Tree Residences feature a deep, freestanding bath built to inspire relaxation. With apartment living meaning every square metre is valuable, the prevalence of large feature baths has been waning over the last few years — but we’ve got our radars set for statement baths to make their return. Bubble bath at the ready, the bathroom
may just become your favourite room.

Written: 18 January 2019

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