Toowong Towers Plaza to Revive Supermarket Site

By: Alex Dunn: November 3, 2016, Updated: January 21, 2019

Stockland has submitted a development application for a trio of 25-storey towers on the current Woolworths site near Toowong Village. The corner of High Street and Sherwood Road will be replaced with a public laneway, dedicated to 18 small retail shops.

The towers will have between 172-184 apartments each, with 530 apartments overall after completion. Each tower will be constructed individually over a three-stage process, while the public space will be gradually developed with each stage.

Podium Floorplan
Tower 1 Rooftop Floorplan
Sketch of Podium
alt image
alt image
alt image

Communal amenities such as a pool, spa, and courtyard will be located on a raised podium and on the rooftops of the towers.

Sketch of Plaza
Sketch of High Street Frontage
Artists Impression of High Street Frontage
alt image
alt image
alt image

Architects from DC8 Studio and SJB worked together to design the towers, with the aim to improve the landscaping and provide a more appealing street facade. Glazed frontages with sub-tropical plants give a clean and fresh look to the busy street.

The project is currently unnamed and should not be confused with a nearby proposed project named Grace on Coronation, similarly a masterplanned new apartment development on the riverfront by Sunland Group. Whether the market can accommodate both projects so close together remains to be seen but it certainly indicates that the redevelopment and emergence of Toowong as a 2nd near-CBD (much like North Sydney) is well underway.


The Australian – Stockland Forges Ahead with Apartment Project