If you are building a new development in Queensland or the ACT, PropertyMash is here to help. PropertyMash is Queensland’s and the ACT’s No 1 new property portal, featuring over 500 new projects for sale. In the key markets of Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns and Toowoomba, we list more projects than any other site.

But we offer far more than just a advertisement. Our team of journalists write detailed project Offering a range of marketing and IT solutions to help you connect with qualified buyers, ready to buy a new or off-the-plan property.

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Like cars, hotels, and restaurants, consumers want to read impartial third-party reviews on a property before they buy it. In fact, about 92% consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and 40% form their opinion by reading just one to three product reviews.

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Our sister company Brightfox is a technology company specialising in property – they have helped hundreds of developers sell their products.

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PropertyMash Editorial Guide
PropertyMash produces editorial content to help buyers of new and off-the-plan property find their new home or investment. Editorial content is very different to content produced for marketing materials; this guide is designed to help you understand our policies and processes when it comes to articles and reviews published on PropertyMash.com.

Just like journalists from newspapers and national magazines, PropertyMash journalists don’t need permission to write about different topics and news stories. They do however try to make their content 100% accurate so will, where possible, ask stakeholders to fact check an article or property review.

While we always want to correct factual changes, in order to maintain the chatty language and relaxed tone of voice, PropertyMash journalists will not make changes to:

  • Wording. We will not add in flowery marketing language or change wording that is factually correct. At PropertyMash we write as if we are explaining our story to an out of town relative or friend, with relaxed informal language. Cutting through marketing jargon to make our content easy to read and understand.
  • Distances and timings. Please do not ask us to change 10 minutes to five minutes if it is incorrect. We go by what Google Maps says, so we will not publish fictional timings.

The aim of PropertyMash articles is not to write anything negative about a property or development, but to provide a balanced source of information to supplement marketing materials the developer or real estate agent provides.

“People read reviews on a product if they are looking for a reason not to buy it. But PropertyMash doesn’t give them that. What sets their articles apart from other property sites it that the reviews they write are not a sell, the honesty about the projects is never negative, they are always fair and well balanced — it just makes them authentic and seem very trustworthy”. Dean Borecki, Ray White.

Please note this guide also applies to clients advertising in the magazine or online.