Apartment towers in Albion may increase to 20 levels

The apartment boom in Albion, Brisbane seems set to continue with even taller residential towers now proposed.

The Tatts Group have proposed a four tower complex, near their current building on 240 Sandgate Road, to reach up to 20 level high, increasing from the existing 15 level limit. The proposed complex will include a combination of residential, health care, and recreational facilities.

Albion is currently going through a wave of apartment development with a number of large apartment projects currently in the market. As a result Albion’s population is expected to increase by 5,700 (over 300% from current population).

The proposed tower would bring a lot of new business and people to an already fairly busy little corner, so traffic control would be very important to make this a success.

Written: 15 September 2016, Updated: 22 January 2020

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