Faster drive for Brisbane’s inner-east urban corridor residents

Brisbane City Council has announced plans to upgrade Wynnum Road which may potentially cut travel commute time from Brisbane’s eastern suburbs in half.

Wynnum Road is the main arterial for the inner eastern subrubs of Brisbane, connecting Morningside, Hawthorne and East Brisbane, via the Story Bridge, to the CBD and then through to the northern suburbs.

The Story Bridge not only connects to Fortitude Valley and the major arterial roads heading north and to the Airport, but it also is far less congested than the other major arterial bridge feeding traffic to the CBD, the Captain Cook Bridge (M3 Freeway).

The primary congestion point for traffic has been identified as the four lane stretch of Lytton Road in East Brisbane which often suffers bumper-to-bumper congestion in the mornings and afternoons.

The council has revealed it will aim to ease peak-hour traffic by converting the road to six lanes through this stretch, as well as adding a dedicated cycling path.

Stage One is proposed to begin in 2018, and will finish in 2020.  Further stages have yet to be announced.

Brisbane Acting Lord Mayor Adrian Schinner said the upgrade will future-proof the road but more importantly boost access.

“The overall Wynnum Road corridor upgrade will ultimately see the stretch between Latrobe Street and Riding Road widened from four to six lanes,” he said.

“It will enhance east-west access between catchment suburbs, commercial centres and the CBD.”

Written: 19 July 2016

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