Mirvac’s Everton Park development causes a stir with locals

The development of a 6-hectare site at 50 Ashmore Street in Everton Park is continuing to draw concerns from residents, more than a year after the original proposal was submitted. Since acquiring the site back in March of 2017, Mirvac has made several adjustments to their original proposal for the project, dubbed the ‘Ashmore Residences’, and are still awaiting council approval to proceed.

The current plan sees the construction of 139 lots, including 54 free-standing homes and 84 townhouses. Keeping existing locals and new purchasers in mind, the developers also intend to reserve 1.1 hectares of the site for green space, with the creation of a wetland and parks around the surrounding Kedron Brook Bike Path.

Mirvac Queensland Residential General Manager, Warwick Bible, said the developers are focused on maintaining the green space adjacent to Kedron Brook.

“The great news for residents in the surrounding area is that our proposed development of the site will open up what has been private land for many years,” he said.

Mirvac Ashmore Residences proposed development. Render by Mirvac.

Green space at Mirvac Ashmore Residences proposed development. Render by Mirvac.

Mirvac has been working closely with the community — hosting several consultation sessions the entire way through this process as well as prior to the submission of the original proposal. Brisbane City Council’s development portal, PD Online, reveals over 150 public submissions opposing Ashmore Residences have been lodged. The majority of locals have raised concerns relating to traffic levels on local streets, development in a flood-prone area and destruction of the open field commonly referred to as “Murphy’s Paddock”.

It’s not uncommon for residents to be opposed to new developments in their neighbourhood, especially when the proposed development intends to occupy what was previously green space, such as the case with Mirvac’s Ashmore Residences. But with the expansion of Brisbane comes inevitable densification. A growing economy, new infrastructure developments and an enticing property market mean more people are moving to Queensland (in particular Brisbane) than ever. This expanding population need somewhere to live. While this logic may seem obvious, it’s certainly easy for residents to forget when it’s their local park in the firing line. When it comes to Brisbane’s middle ring suburbs, like Everton Park, the next few years will see this expansion more so than ever before and Ashmore Residences is likely to be just the beginning.

Mr Bible said it’s the north side middle ring location of the site which drew the company’s attention.

“We saw the site as a fantastic opportunity for a high-quality community, in a sought-after location just seven kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. Its position enables excellent walkability with a range of amenities nearby, as well as Park Lane, which will include a range of dining and entertainment options once complete,” he said.

Mirvac Ashmore Residences proposed homes. Render by Mirvac.

Townhouses at Mirvac Ashmore Residences proposed development. Render by Mirvac.

“Overall, we believe the proposed community would complement the existing neighbourhood and provide a rare opportunity to live in a new home along Kedron Brook.”

“We have received some fantastic feedback from those looking forward to the opportunity to become part of the planned new community,” said Mr Bible.

The letters of support for the development are still peppered through pages opposition from residents, which have continued flooding in over the last few months. That said, Mirvac isn’t shying away from the issues or sweeping them under the rug, especially when it comes to the traffic and flooding concerns.

“Mirvac has undertaken detailed traffic studies for the planned community and how it would impact surrounding streets. Traffic engineers, TTM, have advised the proposed development will not exceed the maximum volume of traffic capacity outlined by Brisbane City Council (BCC) for the surrounding neighbourhood road, and this assessment is currently being considered by Council,” said Mr Bible.

Mirvac will continue to keep the community up-to-date and involved with its plans, with the existing community to always remain a key consideration to the project.

Written: 12 September 2018, Updated: 15 January 2020

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