Victoria Infrastructure Report – Interesting read on the huge investment underway in Victorian Infrastructure

The Melbourne property market has been very strong now for a very long time. Sydney similarly has been very strong. Both cities and states have also been investing huge amounts into infrastructure. Is it a coincidence that property prices have been strongest in the states that have been investing the most into infrastructure?

Certainly strong stamp duty revenue from property transactions has helped in part funding the infrastructure investment in these cities, but certainly, investors, in particular, are going to naturally love the investment story that comes with the growing and expanding the city and improved infrastructure.

If you are not sure I encourage you to read the linked Knight Frank Infrastructure Report Jan 2018 on Victoria. It is an exciting read and one can not help but be impressed and optimistic about Melbourne’s economic and livability future. Both huge considerations for investors and owner occupiers alike.

It would be great to see some infrastructure activity in Brisbane!

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Written: 23 January 2018

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