Suburb Profile: Newstead/Teneriffe

By: Inais Black: June 22, 2018, Updated: January 23, 2019


Located only three kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, the suburbs of Newstead and Teneriffe are enjoying a renewed interest. This is due to the major infrastructure improvements, increasing apartment developments, and hip, laid-back atmosphere.

Despite the fact that Teneriffe has only been a suburb since 2010, it is already well-loved and sought-after, in part due to the similarities with the suburb it was formerly a part of: Newstead. Both suburbs are high on buyer’s wish lists, not only because they are a short distance to the CBD, but also because of the growing foodie and nightlife scene coupled with the industrial-chic vibe the former warehouse districts exude.

Location & Transport

The Newstead/Teneriffe area is great for commuters – it is a 20-minute drive to the airport and less than ten to the city. Breakfast Creek Road runs through most of Newstead and Teneriffe is accessed via the two major roads that come off Breakfast Creek Road – Commercial Road and Skyring Terrace – which both eventually become Macquarie Street. There is a robust bus system set up throughout the two suburbs, and both have easy access to the ferry. Both have a lot of parking, but fighting off the general population when they roll in for their Saturday morning coffee might make it difficult for you to get a park if you don’t have one secured!

The Newstead/Teneriffe area is also known for being easily accessible by foot. With a Walk Score of 79, Newstead is classified as ‘very walkable’. Teneriffe does even better, with a Walk Score of 88. This means that these suburbs are great for anyone who wants to walk to restaurants, parks and public transport. This is particularly important to renters. Given how close the two suburbs are to Fortitude Valley, the high Walk Score is a great extra bonus for residents.


Over 67 percent of households are made up of couples without children and another 20 percent are single-person households. This means that the Newstead/Teneriffe area has a rather modern streak running through its revitalisation which makes it attractive to first-home buyers. Most people live in apartments – in fact, 82 percent of dwellings in the area are apartments – with 51.9 percent of people renting, making this suburb perfect for investors (and social butterflies). The suburb is known for its trendy cafes, restaurants and breweries, upmarket studio apartments, and renovated older homes with well-established gardens.

One of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs, Newstead has retained many historic buildings and has a lot of character. The well-loved older homes have integrated remarkably well with the revitalisation of the area, lending the suburb some of their ‘old world charms’.

The redevelopment of Gasworks is but one example of this. Given the proximal location of the two suburbs to Fortitude Valley and the Brisbane CBD, both are great locations for work.

Getting into the city – either by driving or taking public transport – is incredibly easy, which is why these suburbs are favoured by the 20-39 years age group. The median weekly income is roughly $1552.80, across the two suburbs, which is above the Brisbane average. Newstead is generally a little lower than Teneriffe.


The Newstead/Teneriffe area has some of Brisbane’s best schools in surrounding suburbs. There are several state schools that include Newstead and Teneriffe in their catchment area. This includes the primary schools Fortitude Valley State School, New Farm State School, and for Teneriffe only, Bulimba State School.

There are no high schools which include the Newstead/Teneriffe suburbs as part of their catchment zones, so you will have to enquire with the school directly to determine whether they will take your child(ren). Some that are nearby are the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries (QACI) and Balmoral State High School.

As for independent schools, from Newstead and Teneriffe you can take your pick of the best in Brisbane! For primary schools, the options are Holy Spirit School, St. Joesph’s Primary School, and St. Peter and St. Paul’s School. As for high schools (Year 7 – Year 12), there are several options. This includes St James’ College, St Joseph’s College (known as Terrace), Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Brisbane Grammar School, All Hallows School and Lourdes Hill College.

There are an incredible number of Prep – Year 12 schools in the surrounding areas including St. Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, and Anglican Church Grammar School
(known as Churchie).

Quick Reference Information

Median apartment price
Newstead $590,000
Teneriffe $540,000

Median rental value
Newstead $440 per week
Teneriffe $500 per week

Ferry, train and bus

Things we love…

  • Close to the CBD with great transport options.
  • Great social atmosphere.
  • Inner-city suburb which has retained its connection to the river and its industrial past.

But remember that…

  • They are sometimes a victim of their own success – the popularity of these suburbs
    means cycle paths are busy, cafes have long lines and it can be hard to find a parking space.
  • In danger of becoming a concrete jungle with lots of new developments on the way.
  • Construction also means roads are sometimes closed in the area causing congestion.


There are a number of developments either selling, starting construction or finishing construction across the Newstead and Teneriffe areas. The median apartment price for Newstead sits around the $590,000 mark. Prices have been growing slightly over the last year, but they have definitely cooled a little. The story is similar in Teneriffe, where apartment prices are a little lower at an average $540,000 for an apartment.

Current projects in Newstead/ Teneriffe

La Vida
27 Commercial Road, Newstead
One, two and three-bedroom apartments from $403,000.
Newstead Series
Evelyn & Austin Streets, Newstead
Two-bedroom apartments from $625,000
2 Florence Street, Teneriffe
One, two and three-bedroom apartments from $426,000.
Obsidian Apartments
14 Helen Street, Teneriffe
Three and four-bedroom apartments from $1,000,000.
Como Teneriffe
53-55 Wyandra Street, Teneriffe
One, two and three-bedroom apartments.
43 Wyandra Street, Teneriffe
52 one and two-bedroom apartments.
Lucent and Luminare
20 Festival Place, Newstead
One, two and three-bedroom apartments.
Waterfront Newstead
12 Festival Place, Newstead
One, two, and three-bedroom apartments.
Austin & Maud
24-32 Austin Street and 25 Maud Street, Newstead
60 apartments – release coming 2018.
The James
38 Helen Street, Teneriffe
123 one two and three-bedroom apartments.
Le Bain
16-20 Wyandra Street, Teneriffe
128 one two, and three-bedroom apartments from $450,000.