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Parc Carindale is one of the last land releases in the ever-popular Carindale in Brisbane. Minutes away from a number of parklands and close to the highway, Parc Carindale is the ideal project for professionals or families. Lots average 570 sqm in size, and buyers are able to design their home however they’d like — but if you want someone to take all the guesswork out, there are pre-designed house and land packages for buyers to choose from.

There are 14 lots spread across three stages, with ample green space dedicated throughout the development in order to ensure residents have the privacy they want and the space to play, workout or hold events. Some of the lots also have hilltop views.

Projects Facts:

  • 14 lots ranging from 408 — 688 sqm, priced from $499,000, whilst house and land packages are priced from $879,000
  • Located at Stockton Close, Morningview Place, or Little Court, Carindale
  • All earthworks have been completed, meaning buyers can buy now and begin building as soon as they’re ready
  • Residents live close to a number of amenities whilst still having enough space to breathe

The Project

Parc Carindale is a new house and land project located in Carindale. The 14 land lots range in size from 408 sqm to 688 sqm, and the boutique project offers buyers the opportunity to either build a home of their design on their land, or buy a house and land package if they like those designs better. This is a great offer in Carindale, where there is little ‘new’ land remaining for development.

Parc Carindale House design
Parc Carindale House design

Each of the lots has their own distinct features. Some lots are set back more than others, making them perfect for people who prefer a little more privacy. Others have hilltop views, giving buyers wide-ranging views in many directions. On top of this, as you will see below, the house and land packages all also have slight differences, making some more suited to professionals and some better for families. In fact, the three distinct areas — ‘Decorus’, ‘Reveles’ and ‘Generis’ — have all been designed to suit different types of buyers and lifestyles, which you can read more about in the Land Details section.

One great feature of the development is the amount of green space that residents have access to. The lots at Parc all connect to the 1.595 hectares of green space in the middle of the project, giving residents a lot of space to grow and play. As it develops, this area will also help to block noises from the nearby Gateway Motorway — although it’s worth noting that residents are still set back quite a bit from the highway, and as such shouldn’t experience too much noise in any case.

As you may notice in the video above, there will be different street entrances for different sections of the project. Lots 1-6 — which you can see in the video above — will be accessed via Little Court (this area is called ‘Decorus’), whilst 9-12 will have access via Stockton Close (known as ‘Generis’), and lots 14 and 15 will have street access via Morington Place (‘Reveles’). This does a few things for the project and residents: it gives them a large, open area (of 1.595 hectares!) that runs through the centre of the development, and it allows for quite a bit of privacy as residents won’t be stacked on top of one another.

Display Suite

There is no on-site display suite for Parc Carindale due to the fact that buyers can choose to design their homes (or choose from pre-designed options). However, appointments can be made to view the lots on-site.

Construction Updates

All earthworks have been completed, with the titles registered. This means that buyers can buy now and start building almost immediately if they wanted.

Suburb Experts


Parc Carindale is has three entrances depending on the area chosen, so residents could live off Stockton Close, Morningview Place, or Little Court in Carindale. The three areas of the project (Generis, Reveles and Decorus) and their respective entrances can be seen below.

Stage 1: ‘Generis’

Stage 2: ‘Reveles’

Stage 3: ‘Decorus’

Residents at Parc Carindale are located close to a number of amenities that will appeal to both families and professionals. This includes the Westfield Carindale shopping centre, which is roughly eight minutes drive away. Westfield Carindale is home to over 400 shops, restaurants, entertainment options and other amenities like a medical clinic. For most locals, it is the one-stop-shop and a favourite haunt when catching up with friends. The Pacific Golf Course and Club is five minutes away, as is the Brisbane Aquatic Centre. The Pacific Golf Course and Club is known for its Par 72 championship course, which is considered to be one of the best in the state and quite challenging. One rather cool local amenity is the Pine Rivers Shooting Club, which is something you don’t see everywhere! The club caters to shooters of all levels, is is well known for its friendly staff. If you want something a bit more casual though, there are a number of parks near Parc Carindale, including Kenilworth Place Park, Alderbury Place Park, Ablington Place Park, and the larger Newbury Place Park. Almost all of these parks — plus some more — connect, creating a great area to work out, go for walks, or let the kids play. Belmont Private Hospital is ten minutes away, which is great for the peace of mind of residents.

There are also a number of schools within the immediate area. Mansfield State School caters to primary-school-aged children from Prep to Year 6, whilst Mansfield State High School caters to children in grades 7 through to 12. Both are about a 10-minute drive from Parc Carindale. Belmont State School is roughly 10 minutes in the other direction, meaning residents can pick the school that suits their lifestyles best. Also close by is Citipointe Christian College, a well-respected Kindergarten to Year 12 co-educational school.

Communal Facilities

Residents at Parc Carindale have access to 1.595 hectares of green space inside the development. This has all been newly refurbished, and is expected to grow and flourish over the coming years, creating a space where residents can relax, hold events with family and friends, and exercise.

Land Details

Each of the lots at Parc Carindale varies in size, although the 14 lots average 570 sqm, which is quite a bit larger the average 434 sqm of lots throughout Brisbane. House and land packages similarly differ, although buyers also have the option of designing and building a home if they purchase just the land.

Parc Overview
The three areas of Parc Carindale – Decorus, Reveles, and Generis – are spread out across the larger site

The developer has named each of the three stages of the project to highlight the options and choices they are providing for buyers within the project. ‘Decorus’ (the houses on Little Court) focuses on tranquillity and serenity, due to how it is located off a small street. ‘Reveles’, located on Morningview Place, are the homes with the best views in the estate, making them perfect for buyers who want to create a space perfect for entertaining family and friends, or relaxing by themselves. ‘Generis’, on Stockton Close, is to for buyers who want the Australian Dream of a house and a large yard, designed around the idea of traditional suburban living.

Lot plans

The lots at Parc Carindale range in size from 408 sqm up to 688 sqm. The lots all differ in shape as they sit around their respective entrances. Some lots have smaller street frontage owing to the fact that they are set back. This makes these lots ideal for buyers who want to be closer to nature or more removed from other residents.

Parc - Generis
Parc – Generis
Parc – Reveles
Parc – Decorus
Parc - Generis

Land is priced from $499,000.

House and land options

As we mentioned above, there are house and land packages available. These are all four or five-bedroom houses, making them perfect for growing families. The specifics of each house and land package differs as some are offered by different builders, however there are a couple of defining features all of them share. All of the houses have walk-in butlers pantry’s, which is great for people who love to entertain family and friends. The master bedrooms all have ensuite bathrooms and walk-in-wardrobes. All of the house designs include areas for extra storage, which is something we like to see in floor plans. Some of the four-bedroom homes include dedicated studies, and whilst the five-bedroom houses don’t, the fifth bedroom could potentially be repurposed to fill this need (or could be a second media room!).

Parc Lot 3 House and Land Package
Parc Carindale Lot 3 House and Land Package
Parc Lot 11 House and Land Package
Parc Carindale Lot 11 House and Land Package
Parc Lot 3 House and Land Package
Parc Lot 11 House and Land Package

Prices for the house and land packages start from $879,000.

Investment Analysis

The development is geared toward owner-occupiers so the developer has limited investment information. To learn more about Carindale, click on the buttons below.


Parc Carindale is being developed by BriStar Group. BriStar Group is an all-inclusive development company, covering everything from property development, development management, project marketing and sales, property management, and migration and education services. They have a number of projects throughout Queensland, and pride themselves on their great relationships with clients and stakeholders. BriStar have several other projects throughout Queensland, including Parc Sunnybank Hills and Mary Lane Residences, all of which are known for high-quality design and luxurious finishes.

Written: 23 October 2019

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