Moving to an over-50’s community is a lifestyle choice, not an investment choice. This home will help you enjoy your life post-retirement, and it’s often a big commitment. A major benefit of over-50’s retirement villages is that residents get to enjoy all the benefits of living in their own home plus bountiful amenities, and usually a great community.

Whether you are moving due to retirement or for a sea- (or tree-) change, PropertyMash has all the information you need. No matter why you might want to downsize and move, we can help you choose the perfect apartment, townhouse or house and land estate for you and your future. We’re also here to help you remember the little things, like how to minimise your belongings and choosing the right storage location if you need it.

What is an over-50’s retirement village?


‘Retirement Village’, ‘Retirement Community’, ‘Lifestyle Community’, ‘Over-50’s Resort’ and ‘Over-50’s Community’ are all different names for the same type of estate. Specified for the over-50’s market, these projects are targeted towards younger downsizers and retirees. These spaces are designed for people who can live independently in their own homes whilst sharing facilities and amenities. Many of the residents are semi or fully retired.

In Australia, over-50’s retirement villages often take advantage of the Mobile Home Act, where a buyer will own the house itself, but not the land it sits on, helping residents cut costs long-term. In short, you rent the land from the estate, and rental fees can cover the use of this land, maintenance of common areas, security, etc. This is a desirable model for many downsizers/retirees as these homes have large amounts of storage, are great for ‘lock and leave’ situations, give residents access to great facilities (without you having to upkeep them) and offer a sense of community.

If I want to move to an over-50’s retirement village, what should I keep in mind?

The key difference between an over-50 community and a traditional retirement village is the loan, license or lease arrangement. Being an owner-occupier and a tenant at the same time poses a unique set of circumstances for people living in these communities. Traditionally for over-50 communities, there has been no stamp duty, entry fees or exit fees and many residents have qualified for government rent assistance. However, some of the newer villages charge a Deferred Management Fee (DMF) or exit fee on the sale of the home. This is something to keep an eye on.

Location, as always in property, is also important here. Know the proximity to facilities like hospitals and shops, and find out what the surrounding area is like — for example, if you intend to move close to the beach, make sure the beach is actually usable!

You should also take a look at the amenities and the community offered by the over-50 village. Many have a truly outstanding number and range of amenities, with some offering everything from ten-pin bowling to dog grooming services. Other communities have a focus on health, offering yoga classes and free health checks at regular intervals. It’s important to consider exactly how you intend to live your life for the next ten, twenty, even thirty years when choosing an over-50’s village. You want something that will give you the support to live the lifestyle you want now and in the future. Also, don’t discount a focus on group activities or the community aspect of these villages. Having strong connections with other people can help you live longer and enjoy life more!

From deciding on the best time to move to decluttering, read everything you need to know about over-50 retirement communities here!

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