Buyer Insights: Behind the scenes of leading boutique Brisbane developer DeMartini Fletcher

PropertyMash is excited to launch a new feature series looking into the ‘why’ of buying. Buyer Insights is designed to help buyers get better insights into the projects they are considering purchasing into. We talk directly to developers, architects and builders to get the true inside scope on their projects and what makes them special.

In our newest Buyer Insight, we look at a boutique developer who are very active in the Brisbane market at the moment. Real estate runs in this company’s veins — after all, DeMartini Fletcher is the amalgamation of two long-standing property companies. John De Martini Properties has over 45 years of experience and the John Fletcher Group has been operating for more than 70 years. DeMartini Fletcher, the collaboration between both companies, has been operating in the industry for 40 years, and over that time have been involved in a large number of residential and commercial developments.

With a focus on creating projects that bring in long-term investment returns, DeMartini Fletcher pride themselves on paying a lot of attention to their development process to ensure that their investments pay off in the long run. They are heavily involved throughout the development process, from picking sites that support long-term growth, to helping new owners settle into their properties. This long term involvement in the projects they develop is a real point of difference and a big plus for owners.

To verify this, we contacted some of their previous buyers to let us know how DeMartini Fletcher went in delivering their projects. Here’s what they had to say:

New home owners Beth and Peter Allen could not have better praise for DeMartini Fletcher after buying at Enclave, Wynnum: “We loved the size and layout, and the quality of the display – our expectations were high, and they have been exceeded substantially [by the completed project]. We feel so fortunate that we were able to buy the apartment we wanted and now that we have moved in, we pinch ourselves every day that we bought in Enclave.”

“It is our forever home and we could not be happier, we cannot find fault with any of it. Our family and friends who have visited already, have all exclaimed ‘wow’ as soon as they walked in.”

DeMartini are clearly delivering what their buyers are expecting: high quality, luxurious projects that buyers enjoy living in.

“We have always loved the Wynnum bay area and when we saw the display we bought within 15 minutes,” Beth explained.

One thing DeMartini Fletcher really focus on is client relationships, which is evident in the positive feedback from buyers. For these developers, creating a good project starts with good people, to ensure that you can get the best buyers and tenants.

When we interviewed them, DeMartini Fletcher really highlighted how their team go above and beyond in customer service. Small things such as ensuring that the Wifi is correctly hooked up, to measuring out a space so that buyers can be sure that furniture will fit correctly, are examples of how the DeMartini Fletcher team are routinely going above and beyond the norm. Their buyer testimonials are evidence of the hard work the team puts in paying off.

What sort of projects do De Martini Fletcher work on?

As mentioned, DeMartini Fletcher regularly work on a number of projects in both the residential and commercial sectors. At PropertyMash, we’re interested in the residential arm of the business, and the work they are currently putting out is well worth looking at in our opinion.

Recent projects by DeMartini Fletcher include 191 Stratton, Enclave Wynnum and V Clayfield. All of these projects are different — V Clayfield is a boutique apartment development of only 8 apartments, while 191 Stratton is much larger — yet all contribute to the character of the suburb they are in.

Enclave is a particularly interesting project. Named a finalist in the 2019 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) QLD Awards in two separate categories — which is itself a feat, given how competitive these awards are — Enclave is the sort of project that has locals and industry professionals excited due to the change it is set to bring to the Wynnum area. Its innovative design and the retail space included within the project is expected to help kickstart an overall modernisation of the entire area.

A mixture of apartments and townhouses — linked by boardwalks — Enclave Wynnum is clearly designed for owner-occupiers. Wynnum is a waterfront suburb popular with downsizers and retiree’s and this is reflected in the design of Enclave. Design features such as making both the apartments and the townhouses designed to be easy to move around in are welcome features that will appeal to these buyers. We feel that they have also made a considerable effort to ensure that the project retains a sophisticated design throughout which is also welcome. Small inclusions like wooden floors and proper entryways highlight this fact.

Written: 6 February 2020

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