5 Questions you need to ask your real estate agent when selling a property

Selling your home or investment property is a big decision, so you want to make sure you are looked after in order to guarantee the best possible sale result. Many people looking to sell their property may be afraid to ask too many questions. Or, sometimes it can be unsure about the best questions to ask, those things you really should know before selecting an agent. We spoke to Miguel Donnefeld of JustClickVideos about the five most important questions I think you should ask your real estate agent before selling your property.

1. What is your knowledge on the area and the sales of similar properties?

Every agent must have access to Comparative Market Analysis containing information about recently listed and sold properties in the area. From this, you will able to see how your property measures up compared to similar listings and how long the property will be predicted to be on the market for.

You will want someone who has enough experience and knows the property business in your area upside down.

2. How do you plan on marketing my property?

From open houses to internet listings, every agent will have a marketing strategy ready to put in place. With 71% of consumers reading online reviews before making a purchase, you want to make sure the agent you pick has a marketing strategy that aligns with your vision and engages with the audience moreso than just a traditional listing.

3. Does your agency use video as a form of promotion?

With over 51% of marketing professionals naming video as the best type of content when it comes to return on your Investment (ROI); you want to make sure your agent is up to date with all the marketing tools. As videos are known to generate more shares and conversion than plain text or images, incorporating a video into the marketing strategy of your property should be a no brainer.

With proven results and hassle free, easy to use online programs that automatically generate affordable videos within 5 minutes, like JustClickVideos, incorporating video in the marketing and social media campaign of your property is a must in today’s world. Is your agent missing it?

4. Are the other expenses I need to consider?

When it comes to selling a property, expenses can vary from state to state. It is important you find a vendor that will represent you and your best interests. Working with you to achieve the best results, you should be aware of fees involved including but not limited to: agent fees, marketing cost, conveyancer fees, lender fees, home staging or auction fees.

5. How accessible will you be throughout the selling process?

Communication between you and your agent is key for a successful sale. Knowing the best ways to contact your agent during the buying and selling process will help ease any questions you may have. In a busy industry, you want to know you are working with an agent who is attentive and has your best interests at heart.

Written: 30 April 2019

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