What to look for in the handover of your new property

The time is here. One last step and your new abode is yours to enjoy. As exciting as it is, now is not the time to get overwhelmed or complacent. There are several important things to check to make sure you’re happy with the quality of the workmanship before you sign on the dotted line. From paint on the windows to backwards door handles, make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Living Spaces + Entry

It makes sense to start in the entryway of your new home when it comes to a handover inspection. Check the door paint and margins are consistent as well as hinges, screens and latches. Throughout the home, make sure the skirting boards and framework are not chipped or damaged. This is especially poignant for the entryway and living areas, as these would have received the most traffic from builders during construction. Final clean up of windows and door handles is something that’s frequently missed, so check for paint overspray in these areas. Always make sure to look up too. Cast your eyes at the ceiling paint and lighting fixtures to ensure no scuff marks or loose fittings. Take the time to turn all lights on and off to check the electrical work and confirm all bulbs are functioning. Finally, check all powerpoints are in place so you can enjoy that first night of TV on your new couch. If you have ceiling fans, turn them to the highest setting and wait at least five minutes to make sure there is no clicking or whirring.

Park Cove Villas living room
Park Cove Villas living room


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s the place you spend (ideally) at least a third of your day, so it should be perfect. Check the doors have cushion stops fitted to avoid damaging surrounding walls. Also, regarding the door, confirm there’s no excessive rattling when it’s windy, as this is something that will likely keep you up at night. Make sure the carpet is laid correctly and is clean, and all cornice lines are nice and straight. For built-in wardrobes, slide the door back and forth a number of times to make sure it’s smooth. Take note of any shelves or hanging rails and check they’re straight in both built-ins and walk-in wardrobes.

Bathroom + Laundry

When checking your bathroom and laundry, it’s important to go over everything with a fine toothcomb as plumbing errors can be expensive to correct. Check all doors open and close easily and towel racks are even. In terms of fittings, confirm the exhaust fan works okay as well as any heat lights. Check for chips and scratches on the surfaces of baths and showers and that all tiling is straight and tidy. Test all taps and shower heads for pressure, and take special notice of the temperature of the water, as sometimes hot and cold can be switched over. Take the time to carefully inspect all free-edge glass has been properly sanded down, as this can be a massive safety risk. One of our biggest tips for the bathroom and laundry is to use a torchlight to inspect darker areas.


Jewel Surfers Paradise bathroom
Jewel Surfers Paradise bathroom


When it comes to the kitchen, you want to ensure all appliances have been fitted cleanly and securely. Check for leaks underneath the sink and tap fittings. If you have a Zip HydroTap installed, take time to confirm it has been fitted properly and functions as it should — even make yourself a cup of tea if you’re so inclined! Make sure stone benchtops are straight with filed edges. It’s also important to check that all cupboards and draws open and close softly and hinging is straight with decent sized screws holding them in place. Finally, make sure the splashback and all joinery have been sealed correctly.

Written: 17 April 2019

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