Top 10 most popular news articles of 2019

The second part of our Top 10 of 2019 series focuses on the most popula news articles we’ve been putting out throughout the year. These articles are all vastly different: some people preferred looking at our data-driven Property Clock series, while others checked out the ins-and-outs of passing as a Canberrian. All have one thing in common – property of course! In 2020 our team will continue our focus on producing the industries best content for buyers of new property.

So until 2020, here are the 10 most popular news articles on in 2019.

Moving to Australia? Series

Brisbane vs Melbourne
Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne? Where do you live?

Once again, our Moving to Australia two-part series of articles is the most viewed set on the PropertyMash website. This series focuses on the pros and cons of three major cities on the Eastern coast (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane). In Part 1, we compare the costs of living in each of the three cities, looking at how much you could expect to spend if you’re living there. In Part 2, we bring it all together to find out which of the three cities is the most affordable when compared to the average wage in each city.

Maroochydore City Centre construction commencement

Maroochydore City Centre. Render by SunCentral.
The ‘Bright City’ will be one to watch over the coming years

Another well-read article on our website is about the start of construction on the new Maroochydore CBD. The Maroochydore City Centre will be a major factor in the evolution of South-East Queensland. Beneath the waves and laid-back lifestyle, the Sunshine State’s largest urban renewal project is underway. While the 53-hectare site in Maroochydore doesn’t look like much as early earthworks begin, this project is destined to be a game changer for the entire Sunshine Coast region. On completion, ‘The Bright City’, as it’s been dubbed, will be a sprawling hub of commerce, technology, innovation, entertainment and inner-city living.


Top 5 beachside apartments under $500k

Inspire Broadwater Central Balcony Eating Area (render by ipg.)
Inspire Broadwater Balcony Eating Area (render by ipg.)

Popular with owner-occupiers and investors alike, this article has been read year-round. If you are guilty of the après-beach holiday googling, and have always wanted to own your own property by the ocean, but thought you couldn’t afford it…think again. These new Gold Coast apartments offer everything you need for the perfect beachside pad, all for under $500,000! With excellent views, sea breezes aplenty, and the water just metres from your door — these five off-the-plan apartments on the Gold Coast would make a great first home, rental property, holiday home, or retirement investment.

Rental Market Update: Why Brisbane rents are 40% lower than Sydney

Sydney is expensive, but why is Brisbane so much cheaper?

While the state of the housing market for buyers is one of the most heavily-discussed topics in the evening news, Brisbane renters aren’t generally afforded the same amount of insight. Although the Australian rental market generally fluctuates a lot less than the standard housing market, the long term trends are still telling — especially when comparing the rent values in different Australian cities. Currently, the trope of the renters market in Brisbane is that there is an oversupply of developments causing high vacancy rates. In this article, we looked at the data and showed readers why rents were lower in Brisbane.

Master planned community coming to Keperra Quarry site

Keperra Quarry redevelopment
Proposed low-density residential area of the Keperra Quarry redevelopment

We’ve covered this exciting new development since it was first proposed earlier this year. For the last 60 years, Keperra Quarry in north Brisbane has been producing local granite, used in everything from boulders to building products. Now, with the stores of granite running out, the area is scheduled to become a master planned community of over 700 dwellings. The Keperra Quarry redevelopment by Brookfield Residential Properties obtained council approval for their plans for the site in July—a $313 million residential community — and then the project was bought out by Frasers Property later in the year. Keep watching this space to learn more about the future of this project.

Top 5 things you must do after moving to Canberra

Canberra 'Civic'
Canberra natives call this the ‘Civic’ – do you know the slang?

This is a short but comprehensive list that will help you pass as a Canberra native in no time. It might seem like every other city, but Canberra has its own unique way of functioning, with quirks and local lore that set it apart from every other major city in Australia. You’ll move from an APS 1 (newbie) to SES 3 (very experienced) in no time at all, and you’ll know what to do on budget night.

HTW Property Clock series

HTW Property Clock December 2019 Apartments
HTW Property Clock December 2019: Apartments

Another series of articles that are always widely read are our coverage of the Herron Todd White (HTW) Property Clock(s). For the uninitiated, the property clocks tell you where a market is in the property cycle (ie. peak of the market, rising market, etc). We cover these clocks every few months to help owner-occupiers and investors alike figure out if now is the right time to buy. We also use them to help us figure out where the market is going, to ensure that you can plan ahead accordingly. Use the links below to check out some of the property clocks we’ve reported on in 2019.

10 apartment-friendly dog breeds

Apartment-friendly dog breeds cavapoo

There’s no denying having a pet can make our lives better. Having a furry friend to cuddle at the end of the day and take out for puppychinos on Saturday morning has been proven to reduce depression, stress and anxiety and help keep you fit and active.

With an increased number of Australian’s living in apartments and only 10% of apartments in Australia being pet-friendly, it’s important to do your homework before buying or renting an apartment and carefully consider the breed traits before selecting your new best buddy. We’ve rounded up the top 10 apartment-friendly dog breeds —known to be very well adapted to apartment living.

Evolution of the Brisbane Skyline

Evolution of the Brisbane Skyline
Look how much the Brisbane Skyline has changed since 1930!

The quest for height has been driving architects and developers since the dawn of cities. Taller, bigger, better has been the mantra for the better part of the last 80 years. In the late 19th century, the phrase ‘skyscraper’ was used to describe any building over ten storeys tall. Now, the cut off to be deemed a skyscraper sits at around 150 metres tall: four times taller than the 1880s. With engineering developments came outstanding feats of height, and now, there are 16 skyscrapers in Brisbane alone. What does this mean for the future of the city?

Why buy an off-the-plan apartment?

Why buy an off the plan property
There’s a reason people buy off the plan

There’s no denying that buying property off-the-plan may sound crazy to some people. After all, you’re essentially putting a sizable chunk of money on the line for something that doesn’t exist yet. Although — as educated buyers are well aware — there are a plethora of benefits that go hand-in-hand with buying off-the-plan which can save you money in the long run, plus, guarantee you end up in the home of your dreams. Is the risk too high though? We bring some insight to the often-confusing process.

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Written: 24 December 2019

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