What does your decorating style tell us about your personality?

Experts say that the way we live, down to the colour schemes we choose and the layout of our homes, is a big reflection on our personality. For example, one study found that bright open and airy bedrooms represented emotional stability, while a messy bedroom was linked with extroversion. We’ve created a quiz so you can find out more about what the facets of your decorating style tell us about your personality:


Which bedroom accessory would you prefer?

Do you like this bedroom?

Do you make your bed everyday?

Do you make you bed?

What's your favourite colours for decorating your spaces with?

What colours do you use to decorate?

How often do you exercise in a week?


Your taste in decor can reveal surprising things about your personality

Bright colours make you happy

You might have a messy bedroom, but you're a people person — you don't have time to clean it all up before you run out the door every morning! You enjoy social workout classes, and tend to create homes that are cheerful and the perfect mix of organised and comfortably messy and inviting. You want to ensure that your bedroom is as relaxing as possible though, because even though you enjoy spending time with family and friends, you still need a space to decompress in. We recommend bringing in some blue accents to encourage better sleep, although you might prefer a brighter blue when compared towards your introverted friends. Also, try to make your bed: 71% of bedmakers consider themselves happy, compared to 62% of non-bedmakers who don't.

Blues will help you sleep better

You like your me-time, don't you? That's no bad thing — introverts are far more likely to create spaces that are welcoming and homey due to their innate urge to decompress have some alone time. Pastels are where it's at for some of you, while others may prefer richer, darker colours. In either case, you probably lean towards highly textured spaces that are filled with interesting (and soft) furnishings. Embrace your love of cushions and throws and invest in good quality furnishings for long-term happiness.
Emotionally stable

A calming interior is what you need after your busy days

You're in a good place right now: work is good, you're happy with your relationships with friends, family and your significant other (if you have one), and you're content with life. Feeling so emotionally stable is down to a lot of aspects of your personality: your bedroom might be bright and airy (some studies say this represents emotional stability), you probably make your bed almost everyday (71% of bedmakers consider themselves happy), and agreeable people tend to have a home that's the perfect mix between cheerful and organised. Keep up the great work! If you want to make your life even more happy, try working some blue into your bedroom: those with blue bedrooms were getting the best and longest sleep, averaging seven hours and 52 minutes a night, with 58% of those reporting waking up feeling happy.

Different designs can make you feel different things: embrace it!

You're open to experiences and enjoy embracing your creative side. You find that decorating your space to be as colourful and distinctive as you is what makes you happy, so you might find your house is a little more eclectic than your neighbours. This isn't a bad thing though: embracing different colour schemes and room design can improve your mood and help inspire you in your day-to-day, while also helping visitors and neighbours alike come out of their shells. Don't be afraid to break the rules!

Minimalism makes you feel calm and collected

You like the idea that everything has a place, and everything is in it's place. With this in mind, you probably tend toward predictable and simple household layouts, with big open spaces and lots of light making the space feel airy and happy. You lean toward spaces that are easy to keep clean with minimalist design using lots of black, white and grey and only the occasional pop of colour or a plant for accents. In line with the minimalist aesthetic, you'll often opt for geometric shapes, angular lines and surfaces that are kept decluttered and clean. Embrace the idea of bringing more art and colour into your spaces (if you want to): according to a study by Dulux, it can be as easy as changing the colour of your front door. A white door is associated with a calm and peaceful home, followed closely by blue which is considered harmonious and restorative. Red is associated with passion and confidence, while lilac suggests mystery and spirituality and purple is associated with wealth and power. Mix it up outdoors every few years to ensure you enjoy your indoor spaces as much as possible.

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Now that you know more about your decorating style and personality, embrace it! You might decide to keep brightening up your home, or incorporate some more blue into your bedroom, but no matter what you do, ensure you make your home perfect for you. Check out our handy guides of lifestyle tips on topics on everything from how to clean correctly to how to maximise your feng shui.

Written: 30 June 2020

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