The controversial developments that blew up our comment section in 2018

Development and gentrification has always been a topic regularly broached on the evening news. Whether it’s the community you currently live in, the street you grew up on, or the same block as your favorite burger joint — locals always have a lot to say when a new large-scale development is proposed. These new projects always come with big changes, some even requiring the demolishing of local recreational facilities or commercial businesses.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial development that is approved, all new projects have to go through the same council approval process. For a lot of larger scale projects, a community consultation also has to take place. Signs are erected at the proposed site, locals are notified of the project and members of the community are invited to submit written statements in support or opposition of the development. Even after this process is conducted, the construction of a building can cause controversy within the community too.

Last year, we wrote about quite a few projects that had our readers very vocal. With us nearing the end of February, and 2019 now officially in full swing, we thought it was time to provide an update on these controversial new property developments — a “where are they now” of sorts.

Crown Group and R&F Properties | High-density West End development

After receiving developmental approval from council in November of 2018, Crown Group are looking to move forward with sales for their Victoria Street development. This high-density apartment development faced vehement opposition by locals, with the five building, 12-storey, 400 apartment development significantly larger than any other development close by. Despite this, council approved the application after the number of apartments was dropped from 446 down to 400. In the first week of February this year, the plans for the sales suite were approved. This will sit on the corner of Victoria Street and Riverside Drive and include an entry deck and water feature, a model display and sales office as well as an apartment display suite. From plans, the apartment display suite looks extensive and includes a standard apartment as well as a penthouse display. Construction for this display suite is expected to get underway shortly, and will definitely be worth checking out once it’s complete.

R&F Properties also submitted plans last year for a master-planned apartment project right on the riverfront, consisting of seven towers and nearly 1,000 apartments. The Chinese developer lodged revised plans for the first stage of the development in early December 2018, during a time when most local residents who may oppose the development were out of town for Christmas. This project, now revealed to be titled “Viva”, is currently working with the council on obtaining approval for Stage 1.

The development of high-density housing is always a controversial issue, what do you think about the recent council decisions on Brisbane's expansion?

Posted by on Tuesday, 20 November 2018

50 Ashmore Street Everton Park | Mirvac Townhouse development

Back in September 2018, Mirvac’s plans for a 6-hectare site at Ashmore Street were causing a stir in the middle-ring suburb of Everton Park. With upwards of a hundred submissions from locals opposing the development. In response to the opposition, Mirvac made a lot of changes to the masterplan, including reducing the total number of residences from 139 to 124 and almost doubling the number of visitor car parks. The most significant changes were removing all plans for three-storey townhouses (scaling these back to two-storey townhouses) and scaling back the number of new townhouses in total. As a result of these changes, the council approved Mirvac’s development proposal in January this year. Within the last week, those who opposed the development have been officially notified. They have 20 days to lodge an appeal, otherwise, it’s all systems go for Mirvac’s latest project.

A new house and land development less than 10kms from Brisbane's CBD — ideal for new home owners, but what does it mean for existing locals?

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Sale of North Lakes Golf Club | New retirement living proposed

The mid-year announcement of the sale of the North Lakes Golf Club had locals up in arms. From poster board signs on their front grass to starting petitions and even community rallies — North Lakes residents made sure their voices were heard. At the end of 2019, the North Lakes Golf Club will be closing their doors, with The Village Retirement Group officially submitting a proposal for the site in December of 2018. Locals continue to oppose the closure, with many fearing the integrity of North Lakes will be lost, and prices of their properties, which were sold as “golf course frontage” may be affected. We will continue to provide updates as this proposal progresses, with the Golf Course is guaranteed to remain in operation for all of 2019.

It seems, golf fan or not, the residents of North Lakes are not welcoming the sale of their club for more housing development… what are your thoughts?

Posted by on Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Written: 21 February 2019, Updated: 22 January 2020

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