Better protection against dodgy builds in the ACT

New laws have been introduced in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to better protect building owners from dodgy builds. This announcement came on the coat tails of a report that says that Australians have spent over $10.5 billion on correct defects caused by poor construction standards over the last 10 years. A welcome change in the industry, it is hoped that the laws will hold both builders and building owners to higher standards.

The laws will allow rectification orders to be issued to directors of licensed corporations, and make directors liable for unpaid financial penalties. Greater safeguards for building owners will also be put into place by allowing the Construction Occupations Registrar to publish information about stop notices, if necessary to protect the public/future building owners. Other amendments in the bill include:

  • More powers for building inspectors to direct builders and landowners (particularly regarding non-compliant building work),
  • Provisions to allow people to enter into enforceable actions to rectify work,
  • Clear requirements for licensed building companies to have an effective system of management.

These new laws will give residents peace of mind, as it puts them in a position where they will be able to better protect one of the biggest investments they have made — a home or investment property.

If you are considering buying or building new in the ACT, check out our suburb profiles to figure out what area would be the best for you:


Written: 1 November 2019, Updated: 6 April 2020

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