New ideal home for Brisbane’s medical professionals

If you’re looking to buy your first home, or invest somewhere new, there are quite a few options in Brisbane. However, none are as perfect as Park Central One, which sits in what may possibly be the best location in all of Brisbane, especially for medical professionals.

Medical professionals have a fairly transient career, especially as they are still moving up the ranks in their respective fields. This means that quite a large number will rent in the surrounding areas of the hospitals they are posted at — making apartment developments in this area ideal for investors. Once things have settled down though, medical professionals are likely to appreciate a home close to work, and so these same developments prove popular with first-home buyers from the industry.

Park Central One is located at the most ideal position for investors or medical professionals looking to buy their first home. With four major Brisbane hospitals located within two kilometres, Park Central One will be able to attract employees from Greenslopes Private Hospital, the Princess Alexandra Hospital, the Queensland Children’s Hospital, and the Mater Hospital Brisbane. These well-respected hospitals all cater to a wide range of employees, and all of them need a place to come home to.

Park Central One Walkability 2km
Park Central One Walkability 2km

Another incentive for investors is the fact that across the four hospitals, there are more than 18,000 employees throughout the year, ranging from nurses to administrative staff to specialist doctors and surgeons. This means that there are likely to be a large number of people who want to rent in the area. Given that nurses and doctors undergoing their training and education often move between hospitals, Park Central One is ideally located so that they don’t have to uproot their whole apartment every time they are assigned a new position. Jobs growth in the area is quite strong for these reasons, as you can see on Seek.

HospitalNumber of Employees (approx.)
Mater Hospital7,500
Greenslopes Private Hospital2,500
Queensland Children’s Hospital2,500
Princess Alexandra Hospital5,500

It’s worth noting that a number of specialists may move between hospitals on a case-by-case basis, and so are likely to only stay in certain hospitals as an employee for a few days, weeks or months of the year.

Another aspect of Park Central One which makes it attractive to both first-home owners and investors is the walkability of the location. The apartment development has a walk score of 95, marking it as a ‘walker’s paradise’ due to the fact that daily errands will not require a car. It also has an 87 in its transit score, which marks it as ‘excellent’. This means that public transport and transit options are bountiful and easily accessed. For example, if you live at Park Central One, you can also benefit from the train being only three-minutes walk from your front door. With all of the major train lines passing through this station, you can make it into the the CBD in less than 10 minutes. Keep in mind that the Cross River Rail, once complete, will also help to make public transport even easier.

Park Central One city views from rooftop. Image by developer.
Park Central One city views from rooftop. Image by developer.

If you read our review of Park Central One, you’ll see even more reasons why investors and first-home buyers alike will be buying into it. For investors, Park Central One will be sought-after by short and long term renters alike. There isn’t another development that is nearly so well located, with job opportunities, transport options and general livability. Although similar for first-home buyers, Park Central One offers a number of amenities (there’s a pool, a gym, and they’re pet-friendly, it name a few), along with apartments that are the right size, with a high quality of finishes, features that are very attractive to these types of buyers.

Written: 3 April 2019

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