Six Mile Creek Estate: A growing development in Collingwood Park

By: Inais Black: November 7, 2018, Updated: November 15, 2018

Six Mile Creek Estate is ten-stage master-planned estate in Collingwood Park. With the development well underway (given that the first four stages have been completed), Six Mile Creek Estate is a growing development. Land lots range in size from 400 to 1,342 sqm, and the location of the estate means that most lots are quite flat, although some are more elevated.

Example House Design at Six Mile Creek Estate - Mantra 23 Chateau by Metricon
Six Mile Creek Estate Master Plan
Six Mile Creek Estate Current Development Progress
Six Mile Creek Estate Location
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Six Mile Creek Estate residents will also have access to over 19 hectares of bushland, parkland and bike tracks throughout the estate. This includes the $2,000,000 being put into the park, bike, BBQ and sporting facilities. With the growing focus on living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, delivering spaces where people can do this is a major plus in the estate’s favour.

  • 10 stages, four of which have been completed.
  • Lots range in size from 400 – 1342 sqm, and prices start at $195,000.
  • There are a number of house and land packages for sale, which are priced from $412,000.

The Project

Six Mile Creek Estate has been divided into 10 stages, four of which have been completed. The continuously-growing estate — expected to be completed in 2023 — is positioned in a quieter area of Collingwood Park, whilst still enjoying easy access to the hubs in Collingwood Park, Ipswich and Brisbane.

Six Mile Creek Estate Location

Six Mile Creek Estate Location

The size of the estate works to its advantage, as it’s both large enough for residents to feel like they have their own space, but small enough for a tight-knit community to form. The dedicated green spaces throughout the estate will help to foster this, as they give people a place to catch up, and places to relax by themselves. With the emphasis on healthy living, it’s an aspect of the estate that residents will definitely be taking advantage of.

There are a large number of lot sizes and house designs available, with more still being released as new stages begin selling. In total, there will be 700 land lots released, and 170 new townhouses for sale. This creates a multitude of options for buyers, and quite a few of the house builders do offer some degree of customisation in their house designs, further allowing each home to be unique.

Six Mile Creek Estate Video

We love…

  • The size of the estate — it’s small enough for residents to be part of a close-knit community, but large enough for everyone to have their own space.
  • The many house design options, meaning every person can feel like they’ve got the house that’s right for them.
  • The estate is well-placed to take advantage of existing infrastructure and amenities in the area.

But remember that…

  • There are multiple stages in the development, meaning that if you buy now, you can expect that building will continue for another couple of years.
  • Collingwood Park is still described as an ‘up-and-coming’ suburb, meaning that it may take a few years for the area to finish all major construction projects.

The Location

Six Mile Creek Estate is located 315 Collingwood Drive, Collingwood Park. Known as an ‘up-and-coming’ suburb, Collingwood Park is part of a group of suburbs benefiting from the millions of dollars being pumped into the western corridor, with upgrades to infrastructure, retail centres and schools rolling out over the coming years.

Residents a Six Mile Creek Estate will benefit from the estate’s location if they have children. There are a number of schools in the surrounding area, including Redbank Plains State High School, St Augustine’s College, Woodlinks State School, and Augusta State School. Those who have, or plan to have, young children will benefit from many early learning centres within a ten-minute drive, including Queensland Kids Early Daycare, Goodstart Early Learning Collingwood Park, and Smart Start Early Learning Centre.

Getting to Brisbane or Ipswich is easy, as the M2 (which connects to the M7 and several other main roads) is only a seven-minute drive away. This means that Ipswich is less 20 minutes away, and Brisbane is only 30 minutes drive away. If you’re choosing to take public transport, the Redbank Plains, Dinmore and Riverview Train stations are all less then 10 minutes drive away, and all have parking available.
The new Redbank Plains Super Centre has been announced and will quadruple the size of the existing Woolworths Shopping Centre. There is also going to be a new shopping centre in Riverlink.

Land Details

Land at Six Mile Creek Estate ranges from 400 to 1342 sqm. Frontage similarly ranges between 13 and 45 meters, with the average being 15 meters, which means there is a lot shape to suit everyone. Stage 7 is on the higher side of Collingwood Drive, and is currently under construction. Stage 8 will also be on the higher side. The vast majority of lots are flat and retained, allowing for easy construction once sold.

Six Mile Creek Estate Stage 7 Master Plan

Six Mile Creek Estate Stage 7 Master Plan

Floor Plans

There are over 45 different builders offering house designs for Six Mile Creek Estate, and each one has several different options available. Not all of the builders have released what their house and land designs will look like, which means that every stage of the development is going to have a slightly different look from those that came before it. All of the houses available have at least three bedrooms and a double car garage.

Six Mile Creek Estate Example Floor Plans Clara 23
Six Mile Creek Estate Example Floor Plans Studio 148
Six Mile Creek Estate Example Floor Plans Volar
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Investment Analysis

Investors are likely to find Six Mile Creek Estate appealing, as there are opportunities for dual-occupancy houses. This means that in the sought-after area of Collingwood Park, investors can have double the income. The weekly median advertised rent for Collingwood Park is $340.

Six Mile Creek Estate Floor Plans Dual Occupancy

Six Mile Creek Estate Floor Plans Dual Occupancy

Neighbouring Projects

The closest project to Six Mile Creek Estate is Woodlinks Village. Currently under construction, Woodlinks is a two-minute drive from Six Mile Creek Estate. Collingwood Park is expected to undergo some transformation over the coming years as more projects are added to the area.

The Developer

Six Mile Creek Estate is being developed by Sunnygold International, a Sunnybank-based Brisbane developer. Sunnygold is known for being an environmentally-conscious developer, and have handed 7.6 hectares of the estate to the local council in order to help preserve wildlife habitats and create a recreation park that will feature a new lookout.

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