A popular tourist hotspot, Maroochydore is predominantly home to young professionals and families — although there is a fairly even mix between all age groups living in the suburb. Over the past couple of years, Maroochydore has been coming into its own, and given the revamp of the entire Sunshine Coast including a brand-new Maroochy CBD, it will only continue to go from strength to strength over the coming years.

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Trains and buses are the main public transport options in Maroochydore.

Things we love…

  • Maroochydore is currently undergoing a major rejuvenation period with the commencement of earthworks at the 53-hectare ‘Bright City’ CBD.
  • Given its central location, everything on the Sunshine Coast is easy to access from Maroochydore.

But remember that…

  • There will be quite a lot of construction occurring over the coming years, which may impact traffic and residents who live in Maroochydore.
  • There is not much in the way of public transport during quieter times of the day.

Location & Transport

Maroochydore is located at the mouth of the Maroochy River, placing it at the very centre of the Sunshine Coast. It is surrounded by well-known suburbs including Kuluin, Alexandra Headland, and Buderim to the south and west, with Twin Waters across the Maroochy River to the north.

Maroochydore is well known for being the go-to spot on the Sunshine Coast for locals during the summer. The many main roads that run through the suburb, including Maroochydore Road, Duporth Avenue, Horton Parade, and, of course, the Sunshine Motorway make access in and out of Maroochydore quick and painless. This also has the added benefit of making every part of the suburb easy to access via car.

Other transport options throughout the suburb include buses and trains, and of course, the old staples, walking and cycling. Maroochydore has a small network of buses servicing the area, however, these can sometimes be few and far between.

It’s worth noting that the Sunshine Coast Council and Queensland Government are looking at improving and expanding the public transport options in Maroochydore. This includes a new railway line that would start in Landsbourgh, move along the coast line, and terminate at the Sunshine Coast Airport. There has also been talk of introducing a light rail system.

Maroochydore Bus System
Maroochydore Bus System


Just over 10km from the Sunshine Coast Airport, and an hour from Brisbane, Maroochydore is popular with holidaymakers from Australia and overseas. Located in the middle of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore offers lots of things to do — from surfing to shopping, cafes to hinterland — the best of South-East Queensland is right on your doorstep when you live in Marchoodydore.

Maroochydore is well-known for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere, which is in part, due to the eclectic nature of the suburbs inhabitants. There is no predominant age group in Maroochydore, due to its location, so there are lots of young professionals, families, retirees, and students living in Maroochydore. The mix of residents, combined with the fact that nearly 80% of residents live at the coastal suburb year-round, has resulted in a very welcoming and accepting community. The tourism industry is a huge employer in the area, and a large percentage of residents are employed in tourist-centric jobs which keeps locals there all year round. About half of Maroochydore residents rent, just over 30% of residents fully own their house, with the rest being in the process of purchasing.

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There are a number of schools in Maroochydore. Nearly 25% of the suburb attend an educational insututute of some kind, be it the primary and secondary schools in the suburb, or the University of the Sunshine Coast, which is located nearby in Sippy Downs.

Primary schools in the area include Maroochydore State School (Prep-Year 6), which is known for its community spirit, and Kuluin State School, also Prep to Year 6. Stella Maris Catholic Primary School is another option, and, as with the other two primary schools, is located in an easy to reach location, just off Maroochydore Road. Immanuel Lutheran College runs from Prep to Year 12, which may make it ideal for those parents who would like to send their child to just one school throughout their schooling years.

For high school (Year 7 – Year 12), parents can choose to send their children to Maroochydore State High School, or the private Immanuel Lutheran College. These two high schools are known for their inclusive environments, and good teachers.

Maroochydore State High School students
Maroochydore State High School students


Of course, the largest amount of construction occurring on the Sunshine Coast currently is involved the new ‘Bright City’ development, the redevelopment of Maroochydore’s CBD. The 53-hectare site doesn’t quite look like the sprawling, futuristic city it will be in a few years, however the early earthworks are beginning to lay the groundwork for the game-changing city design.

The new city centre will consist of a mix of commercial office space, retail, public plazas, new waterways, parks, and community facilities. That’s not including the large array of dining and entertainment options that are set to be introduced, along with a new hotel, and convention and exhibition facilities. The residential sector will include several new apartment developments, which are sure to inspire several other large-scale developments on the border of the CBD.

In regards to developments currently — or soon to be — underway in Maroochydore, there are quite a few. Some of the standouts include Avalon, a waterfront twin-tower development of two, three and four bedroom apartments. There’s also Botanica, which is a boutique development of almost house size apartments, and Rise Maroochydore, which sits almost in the middle of Maroochydore, making it popular with owner-occupiers and investors alike.

Maroochydore City Centre parks. Render by SunCentral.
Maroochydore City Centre parks. Render by SunCentral.

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