Just 30 kilometres west of Brisbane, Ipswich is a family-friendly city with lots of activities on offer. From history to nautre, cafes to breweries — there is something for everyone in Ipswich. But how do you know if Ipswich is where you want to live? Read on for more information on this quickly developing area of South-East Queensland.

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Buses and trains are the main modes of transport in Ipswich.

Things we love…

  • Ipswich has several well-known parks and nature trails, making it great for families and nature lovers.
  • Known for being a very multi-cultural and inclusive city, Ipswich has a large number of immigrants, young professionals and families and these very close-knit communities can be found on every street.
  • The new house and land packages for sale in Ipswich make owning your own home very affordable. In fact, even cheaper than renting in some cases!

But remember that…

  • Some suburbs are still undergoing gentrification, so make sure you do your research regarding the specific suburb you intend to live in.
  • Due to the construction the Ipswich Motorway is currently undergoing, traffic can sometimes be an issue during peak hours.

Location & Transport

Residents in Ipswich find that the easiest way to get around is by car, as everything is still a little spread out whilst construction and new developments are added. It is incredibly easy to access most areas of Ipswich by car, due to the Warrego Highway, Fernvale Road, Cunningham Highway, Ipswich Boonah Road and the currently-being-updated Ipswich Motorway servicing most parts of the city and suburbs.

If you’d prefer to travel by public transport, there are also quite a few options in that department. Public buses in Ipswich are coordinated by Translink, which makes it easy to plan trips: you just open up the website or app and then you’re ready to go! The Ipswich/Rosewood line is the way to travel if you’re taking the train, on this line it takes roughly one hour to get to the Brisbane CBD — just enough time to catch up on that book you’ve been reading!


Ipswich is a very normal area if a little more rural and quieter at night than its sister city, Brisbane. Most residents are involved in blue-collar work, which means that Ipswich is actually one of the most active areas in Queensland. This is further compounded by the fact that there are quite a few well-known parklands and walks throughout, like
White Rock –Spring Mountain Conservation Estate and Queens Park.

There are also generally several events running throughout Ipswich. For example, the Workshops Rail Museum regularly updates its exhibitions, with the most current one letting attendees have a look into the 1920s and 30s in Brisbane. Other events include the monthly Urbane Markets.

Something to note about Ipswich is that because it is still a developing area, it is constantly changing. The growing cafe/restaurant culture is evidence of that in action. Strictly Coffee is apparently the creme of the crop, however every resident has their own favourite (and there are new cafes and restaurants opening all the time!). There are even Melbourne-style laneways developing in the Heritage Precinct; home to hip dining options and local breweries.

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There are quite a few options for schooling throughout Ipswich, in part owing to the size of the city and the suburbs that make up the area. Several of these schools consistently perform well, and Ipswich is also home to two well-respected tertiary schooling facilities.

Some of the most well regarded primary schools in the region include Ipswich Central State School, known for the emphasis it puts on its literacy and numeracy programs, and Ipswich West State School, which is known for being compared to nearby private schools. Immaculate Heart Catholic Primar School is well-regarded for having a close-knit schooling community.

Ipswich Girls Grammar School and Ipswich Grammar School are considered two of the best schools in Ipswich. This is in part due to the excellence in academics that both schools demonstrate, but also due to their comprehensive sporting and arts facilities and programs. Both schools run from Prep to Year 12.

In regards to tertiary options, there are two: TAFE Ipswich, and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Ipswich campus. TAFE Ipswich offers courses in areas including aged care, automotive construction, engineering, and education. The USQ Ipswich campus also offers a broad range of courses with everything from business and commerce to law and justice and the science on offer.

White Rock Hiking Ipswich (image from the Ipswich Visitor Guide 2018)
White Rock Hiking Ipswich (image from the Ipswich Visitor Guide 2018).


Ipswich is a rapidly developing area, with almost all of its suburbs undergoing some form of change currently, or planned to over the coming years. For example, the Ipswich Motorway is currently under expansion (from four to six lanes) with an estimated finish in late 2020. Other areas of Ipswich will naturally undergo an update due to this, so expect to see some great things in the area over the coming years.

There are also several property developments currently being sold in Ipswich. This includes everything from the 13-neighbourhood Waterlea Walloon, to the 46-lot Henderson Heights land estate. Potential buyers have quite a lot of choice between the different developments.

Ipswich Motorway Upgrade Fly-through (from the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Roads).

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