Nundah sits approximately 8 km’s north-east of the Brisbane CBD and is immediately north of the suburb of Clayfield. The modern day property story of Nundah really starts in the 1990’s as the suburb slowly started gentrifying from Clayfield out. As the unrestored, beautiful old Queenslanders in Clayfield became too expensive and too hard to find, buyers drifted out to the next suburb to the north, Nundah. Then in 2001 the Nundah Bypass (the George Bridges Tunnel) was opened which started the revitalisation of the Nundah Village. The Bypass created a separation of this little strip from the busy traffic on Sandgate Rd, and with a train station and generally affluent population, it created just the right environment to attract all the ingredients for a modern day property boom – good restaurants, bars, coffee shops and so on. The area is known for being very family-orientated.

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Things we love…

  • Nundah is one of the most well-connected suburbs in Brisbane, with trains and buses coming through often and the M7 Tunnel getting residents around
  • The airport is close by, making this a great location for those who travel frequently

But remember that…

  • Nundah can be a bit busy during peak hours due to the main roads that run through the areas
  • The proximity of the airport may mean some noise from planes (although most residents say that this is only rarely an issue)


Nundah is known for how well-connected it is, but this isn’t the only defining feature of the suburb. Nundah’s real success has been in attracting local and flagship international strip shopping style businesses and creating an atmosphere of a developed village in a middle ring suburb, without compromising on proximity to the city. Nundah Village is considered to be the heart of the suburb for this reason.

Nundah Village
Nundah Village

Other than a vibrant commercial precinct, Nundah also has a good selection of playing fields and parks. Many have dog parks/off-leash areas within them, which is unsurprising given the fact that the suburb is very popular with pet owners.

With a broad range of owner-occupiers and renters (there is no clearly defined demographic in the suburb — roughly equal numbers of families, downsizers, reitrees and first home buyers live in the area), Nundah is known for being family friendly. This has


A possible future development in Nundah is the redevelopment of an area along Sandgate Road. The plan proposes several new apartment buildings and shopfronts from the corner of Chapel Street to 1180-1192 Sandgate Road. This redevelopment has not been approved to date.

A development application has also been approved for a mixed-use retail development located at 20 Nellie Street, Nundah. Proposed by Richard Adams Homes, the large 8,523sqm site which previously had an approved development application for four residential apartment buildings will now accommodate five buildings with heights ranging from 1 — 4 storeys high. The current site houses industrial style sheds, some of which would be re-purposed into the new development. According to the development application, the proposal aims to “incorporate the existing industrial sheds; essentially revitalising the sheds as part of this proposal.”

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There are a number of schools in Nundah or in the areas immediately surrounding it.

Children in primary school (Prep to Year 6) have a few different education options. The local state school is Nundah State School, and it is known for having a strong co-curricular program. Some areas of the suburb also fall within the bounds of Northgate State School, so make sure you check which zone your home falls into. St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is another option for children in primary school.

There are a number of high schools in the suburbs around Nundah. Aviation State High School (also known as just Aviation High) is the local state school. There is also Mary Mackillop College, which is an all-girls catholic school. Mount Alvernia College, another all-girls high school, is a few minutes away in the nearby suburb of Kedron. Padua College, which is an all-boys Prep to Year 12 school, is also in the nearby Kedron. Given the suburbs proximity to the city, residents could also send their children to the many secondary schools there as well.

Location & Transport

For commuters of all types, Nundah is a great location. Well serviced by Sangate Road, Nudgee Road and the Southern Cross Way, residents can easily move in and out of the suburb. These roads connect to the nearby Gateway Bridge, and then to the Sunshine or Gold Coasts — perfect if you’re planning on heading to the beach!

Nundah also borders the Brisbane Airport Precinct, so access to and from the Airport is also very easy. The growth of Brisbane Airport and the commercial development within and around it is driving strong job growth in the area and this has also been a significant factor in Nundah’s success to date.

Even though Nundah is close to the Airport by Brisbane’s standard (the closest home to the Brisbane Airport is 6.7 km’s away; Sydney’s closest home by comparison is 0.6 km’s away – yes 600 metres away compared to 6700 metres in Brisbane) it gets limited plane noise as it sits parallel to the main runway, so few planes pass directly overhead.

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